My Career and Lifestyle Goals for 2023

This is an update to a post I first shared on January 5th about how I am making 2023 my best year ever.

I recently shared a detailed update on the wellness goals I am pursuing this year so that I can be in the best health of my life – now I thought I’d share what I am up to on the career and lifestyle side of things!

A few of my career and lifestyle goals for the year include:

  • Being more efficient and productive so I can get more done with fewer work hours every week. My first goal is to get down to 30-hour weeks and then down to 4-day work weeks.
  • Being more patient and calm with my family and keeping my stress levels down in general.
  • Having more fun and bringing JOY into every day.
  • Improving all of my most important relationships so that I can honestly say I’m an AMAZING wife, mother, daughter, friend, coach, consultant, etc. Not just really good, but like “OMFG she’s the BEST” sort of amazing.
  • Increase revenue by 10-23% (10% minimum / 23% stretch goal)
  • I want to work with 10 women 1:1 this year, helping them take every area of their life to the next level!
photo of Julie Lowe smiling

How I am working towards these goals:

  • Using high-performance habits to get way more intentional with my time.
  • Scheduling out my week every Sunday so that nothing gets forgotten and I know EXACTLY what I am going to do to move the needle forward on all of my goals each day.
  • Having a very clear focus and intention for how I want to FEEL and how I want to SHOW UP every day and in every interaction.

    👉 How do I want to feel during that big interview? What do I want the reader/viewer to feel? The interviewer?
    👉 How do I want my kids to feel when they walk out the door every morning and go to bed at night?
    👉 How do I want to feel about myself and how I showed up when my head hits the pillow tonight?
    👉 How do I want my relationship with my husband to feel as we celebrate 26 years together next month?
  • Every morning, I ask myself who needs my A-game today. Who could use a little extra time/attention/love/kindness today from me?
  • Every morning, I look over my schedule and ask myself – what might trip me up today? What might cause me some stress? If there’s anything big or small that might trip me up, I think through how I want to handle it in advance so that I can show up as my best self for those challenges.
  • Every morning and every night at dinner, I think about what I am grateful for. I like to start the day with gratitude and then at dinner our entire family shares “3 great things” about their day. It’s a gratitude practice we started many years ago and no matter how boring or awful someone’s day has been, I always make sure we come up with 3 things to share – even if it’s as simple as the food we’re eating together.
  • Keeping my sleep, hydration, nutrition, and exercise on point. I covered this in detail in my wellness post, but I’m mentioning it again here because if I’ve learned nothing else in my 10 years in business it’s that if I let my health and wellness slip, my business will surely follow.

    Maybe revenue will take a hit, maybe not, but if my physical health isn’t solid my mental health will surely suffer. My focus, creativity, and joy in my work will suffer. It’s all tied together and if I put my wellness FIRST then everything else falls into place.
  • I wear a physical reminder every day of my biggest intention – to CHOOSE JOY. I set up triggers and reminders throughout the day because if I don’t then I know I’ll just go through the day like a robot and forget my intentions.
  • I am working with an awesome business coach, Juliana Frisoli, who is helping me map out a plan to increase my revenue and clearly communicate what I do and how I can work with women who want to reach higher performance levels in ALL areas of life – in a healthy way.

True high performance is when you show up every day fully engaged, confident, enthusiastic, and living life as your best self. It’s what I want for me and for you! 

So there’s the rundown on what my lifestyle and career goals are for the year and I promise to post updates on how things are going throughout the year!

Are you working on any of the same goals? I’d love to help you get there! Learn more about working with my 1:1 here.

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