Success Coaching Options

90-Minute Business + Life Coaching Session

Experience a major shift in a specific area of your life and create goals + action steps to reach them.

You know something has to shift in your life and business, but you're not sure of the next steps. What if you could not only re-write the script but also get out of your head and into aligned action?

I work with entrepreneurs who are ready for change and committed to going all in. It’s time to break through your self-limiting patterns and actually create the life and business you want.

Does this sound like you?

  • You get excited AF about an idea, take massive action... and then burn out, or want to burn it all down
  • You have a million ideas and tend to bounce from one thing to another, never getting real traction
  • You're feeling "stuck" but don't know why & are over it
  • You are ready to move past upper limits & get out of your own way

If it does, let's talk! With a 90-minute business + life coaching session, you will have a clear understanding of what needs to shift so that you can get confident about taking steps out of your negative patterns and into a new future.

Invest in a solution that will disrupt your current negative patterns and install new empowering ones today!

Investment: $150

One-on-One Coaching Packages

One Month Coaching Intensive

This month-long intensive is designed to help you experience a MAJOR SHIFT in both your life and business. We'll create goals you're actually excited about + action steps to reach them.

We will use powerful embodiment and belief-shifting techniques to help you find your North Star and what's been holding you back.

This is where clarity meets action. The SparkPoint that will light the way.

• Four 1:1 sessions (90 minutes each)
• Voxer Access to Julie for the Month

Investment: $550

3-Month Coaching Package

Create a new sense of awareness around the thoughts and conditioning creating your reality. We will clear away self-doubt and limiting beliefs so you can enjoy newfound clarity and confidence.

We will use science-backed techniques for goal achievement combined with the magic of soul + goal alignment. You will step into a new, unstoppable version of YOU before the end of this experience.

• Two 90-Minute Calls Per Month, 1:1
• Bonus 60-Minute Kick-Off Call to Create
Your Goals for the Next 3 Months
• Voxer Access to Julie for 3 Months

Investment: $333/month


Business Without Burnout Personal Numerology Report

The Business Without Burnout personal numerology report is an in-depth look at not only what makes you, YOU, but insight into how to apply this knowledge to your life and business so you don't burn out.

What qualities about yourself are you embracing...or resisting? How much of your life is lived by default? On auto-pilot or based on someone else's rules and desires? Working against your nature makes everything harder. Working with your design = ease and alignment.

Not only will you receive an in-depth numerology report that you can revisit again and again, I'll personally meet with you on Zoom to go over the results.

• Personal Numerology Report PDF
• 60-minute call to discuss results

Investment: $97