Announcing My New Book That’ll Transform Your Habits and Life!

Julie pointing to post-it notes on glass doors

I’ve been buzzing with excitement and can barely contain myself because I have some fabulous news to share. For the past month, I’ve been pouring my heart and soul into writing a game-changing book, “A Few Good Habits: The Uncomplicated Path to Better Days, Less Stress, and More Success.” It’s now in the hands of…

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Boost Your Energy with These 3 Simple Habits!

Boost your energy with these 3 simple habits

We’ve all been there, feeling sluggish and brain foggy, struggling to get through the day. It can be frustrating and impact our productivity, but there’s good news! Making a few simple changes to our daily routines can have a significant impact on our energy levels.

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My Career and Lifestyle Goals for 2023

photo of Julie Lowe smiling

This is an update to a post I first shared on January 5th about how I am making 2023 my best year ever. I recently shared a detailed update on the wellness goals I am pursuing this year so that I can be in the best health of my life – now I thought I’d share what…

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