Julie Lowe

Julie Lowe, Founder of Socially Aligned, LLC

I’m a Life and Success Coach, Facebook Ads Expert, and Founder of Socially Aligned.

I have successfully helped thousands of entrepreneurs grow their businesses over the past decade, and have grown my own multi-million dollar business along the way.

I've overcome my own limiting beliefs in order to leave behind a corporate career and reinvent myself (more than once!) and now I'm helping other women tap into their own power and become unstoppable too.

I believe that when you have the support of a coach that knows what it's like and has been in your shoes before, anything is possible. In fact, it's the key to going further faster without burnout.

Through my full-time career and my consulting work, I’ve worked with countless small businesses and entrepreneurs - as a social media manager, art director, digital marketing manager, Facebook ads expert, and now a certified Life+Success Coach. I have a wealth of experience to bring to the table, to put it mildly.

Everything I do is about results. Results for you and results for me. And boy, do my clients love those results!

My promise to all of my current and future clients - I promise to do everything in my power to support you in bringing your dreams into the world. To help you share your message as far and wide as possible. To help you feel empowered to make a difference in this world and help break through any obstacles standing in your way.

My Story

Before starting my own business, I was helping an e-commerce company generate multi-million dollar annual revenues with my marketing strategies. It gave me a taste of the possibilities and made me passionate about helping as many entrepreneurs as possible.

Since 2013, I've coached + trained literally thousands of entrepreneurs in my own programs, plus, inside some of the top coaching programs in the world as a guest trainer.

After my life-long battle with anxiety came to a head in 2020, I created the ALIGNED coaching method to address the burnout and chronic stress that's so prevalent amongst female entrepreneurs.

I've now dedicated my life to helping others have breakthroughs in their brains, bodies, and bank accounts using the science-backed practices that changed my life.

I excelled in my 400+ hour coaching certifications in Life and Success Coaching, Hypnotherapy, EFT Tapping, NLP, Timeline Techniques, Embodying Metaphors, and more, and love using these powerful modalities with my clients.

You might know me from...

I worked as a coach for five years for Russell Ruffino's Clients on Demand program and I have been a featured coach for Melanie Duncan's Online Edge Academy, Kimra Luna's Be True, Brand You program, Melissa Pharr's U2U, and inside of the Members' Club for the Female Entrepreneur Association (to name a few) - some of the top training programs for entrepreneurs around the world!

I have been interviewed on the nationally syndicated TV show The List, which airs on NBC, CBS, ABC, and FOX stations across the USA. I've been published on Huffington Post and Highly Sensitive Refuge and featured in Authority Magazine, Yahoo! Life, and VENTEUR Magazine as well as on podcasts such as Deep Rooted Bliss, Business Building Rockstars Show, Secrets to Her Success, The Better You Network Radio Show, and spoke at MogulCon amongst other outlets.


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To your success!
Julie Hagan Lowe


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