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Julie Lowe, Facebook Ads Specialist and Founder of Socially Aligned, LLC

At Socially Aligned, my mission is to make online marketing feel accessible and empowering – rather than mysterious and stressful – for every online entrepreneur.

I’m not like the so-called “gurus” or “experts” that only have theoretical knowledge about what could or should work with Facebook ads and funnels.

I have worked full-time in the world of advertising and marketing for over 18 years now. (And if we want to go back to the very beginning – it really all started with my 1st advertising internship in high school! Which is, ummm, a lot more than 18 years ago.) 😉

Through my full-time career and my consulting work, I’ve worked with countless small businesses and entrepreneurs – as a social media manager, art director, digital marketing and advertising manager. I have a wealth of experience to bring to the table, to put it mildly.

I’ve lived and breathed advertising for years now, and have first-hand experience at managing accounts large and small, and testing to see what works.

Everything I do is about results. Results for you and results for me. And boy, do my clients love those results!

What Else You Should Know About Me

Before starting my own business, I was helping an e-commerce company generate Multi-Million dollar annual revenues with my marketing strategies. It gave me a taste of the possibilities and made me passionate about helping as many entrepreneurs as possible. (I have a particular love for solopreneurs that are building their businesses online, so I've worked predominately with coaches of all kinds.)

Over the past several years, I've personally created thousands of Facebook Ads and coached + trained literally thousands of entrepreneurs in my own programs + some of the top coaching programs in the world as a guest trainer.

I've seen what works – not only for those with 5-figure a month budgets, but for those just starting out as well, and it is only by being in the “trenches” day in and day out that I stay at the top of my game and in touch with what is really working TODAY.

Other Places you Might See Me

I am a Facebook ads coach for Russell Ruffino's Clients on Demand program and I have been the featured Facebook Ad trainer for Melanie Duncan's Online Edge Academy, Kimra Luna's Be True, Brand You program, Melissa Pharr's U2U, and inside of the Members' Club for the Female Entrepreneur Association (to name a few) – some of the top training programs for entrepreneurs around the world!

I have been featured on The Secrets to Her Success podcast, The Better You Network online radio show, The Women's Business Academy, and the Entrepreneur's Best Kept Secret training summit and my articles can be found in The Huffington Post. I was also named one of the top Facebook Ad experts to follow by Epic Presence.


What's Up with the Elephant?

You might have noticed there's a new Socially Aligned logo with an elephant and wondered what's up with that. Here's the thing…

Socially Aligned is about EMPOWERMENT. Plain and simple. It’s about taking control of your business destiny, about having a powerful message that the world NEEDS to hear and feeling empowered to share it. About having the tools and the know-how to get your message out. To make an impact.

Do I help with Facebook ads, marketing, and business-building strategies? Yes. It’s about SO MUCH MORE, though.

Elephants started showing up a LOT for me starting in 2016. I started seeing one almost every day in some form or fashion for months (not in person though, I do live in Kentucky, after all), so I started researching them. There’s a lot of symbolism associated with elephants….

Strength, honor, stability, and patience. Good luck, fortune, protection and a blessing upon all new projects. Breaking through obstacles.

And that is exactly what I stand for. This is what I want my business to be a symbol of.

My promise to all of my current and future clients – I promise to do everything in my power to support you in bringing your dreams into the world. To help you share your message as far and wide as possible. To help you feel empowered to make a difference in this world and help break through any obstacles standing in your way.

I haven't always found it easy

I understand how busy you are and how overwhelming it can be to try to take on Facebook Ads while running a company at the same time…because I have experienced it myself! While growing my business, helping my clients, and working full time the first 1.5 years of Socially Aligned, I struggled to keep up as well.

My personal and professional experience makes it easy for me to relate to your troubles as well as find the perfect solution for you and your situation.

I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs use Facebook ad-driven funnels to grow their businesses and better serve their customers. Let me help you develop a customized plan for your specific business needs. Nothing makes me happier than getting results for my clients, and I am thrilled with the new service packages now available to my clients. I hope you’ll check them out while you’re here!

So now you know about me, what I do, and why I do it.

What about you? What will your story be? From here, you’ve got three simple choices:

1. Look and find out what other people are saying about me.
2. Take a look at exactly how I can help you grow your business beyond your wildest dreams.
3. Do nothing and keep struggling.

Which option will you choose?

To your success!
Julie Hagan Lowe

Where to connect with me:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/sociallyaligned