How I Plan to Make 2023 My Best Year Ever!

I've set some big goals for myself this year in every area of my life and I want to take you along for the journey!

At the end of December, I heard a mentor of mine, Brendon Burchard pose the question, “what if you just decided, right now, that in the next year, you’re going to get to the best health of your life?” – and all I could think was – that's what I want! I'm in!

So that’s what I’ve decided – I’ve decided that I am going to get in the best health of my life. I’m saying health instead of ‘shape’ because it’s not just about losing weight (though I do need to lose a lot).

It’s about getting my sleep, my nutrition, my exercise, my mindset, AND my productivity and work-life totally dialed in so that I feel VIBRANTLY HEALTHY. Vibrantly alive. Joyful and at my absolute best.

When everything went sideways in 2020, my health really took a hit. My happiness really took a hit. I’ve been crawling back to something better in the past year when it comes to my mental and emotional health, but if I am being honest, I’m far from what I’d call ‘vibrant’. Far from a high-performance state. Far from fit and healthy…And I’m tired of it!!

So I’ve made a decision that over the course of 2023, I am going to transform my life and my health and I’ve already started!

I will be celebrating 10 years in business soon, so 2023 feels like the perfect time to take everything to the next level!

How I plan to make 2023 my best year ever

Some of my 2023 goals include:

  • Lose 35 pounds.
  • Get 7-8 hours of sleep every night.
  • Having more energy, better endurance, and being physically stronger.
  • Being more efficient and productive so I can get more done with fewer work hours every week. (My first goal is to get down to 30-hour weeks and then down to 4-day work weeks.)
  • Being more patient and calm and keeping my stress levels down.
  • Having more FUN and bringing joy into every day.
  • Improving all of my most important relationships so that I can honestly say I’m an AMAZING wife, mother, daughter, friend, coach, consultant, etc. Not just really good, but like “OMFG she’s the BEST!” sort of amazing.
  • Increase revenue by 10-23% over last year.

So, here’s my public commitment to my goals and I’m going to be sharing my progress along the way in case it inspires anyone else to make some strides in their life too.

I took a “before” picture today. I honestly can’t bring myself to share it because it makes me sad to see the shape I’ve gotten myself into and frankly I’m embarrassed. #realtalk

But I wanted to take it before I lost any more weight so that at the end of the year I can look back at how far I’ve come. So, I look forward to sharing that with you all after I’ve made some progress!

I’d say wish me luck, but honestly, I’ve made the decision so clearly in my mind, I know I can’t fail. But I will take encouragement along the way because I’m sure it won’t always be an easy journey and it always helps to have people cheering for you!

So, here we go – cheers to the healthiest year of my life!

NOTE: My first update post about my wellness goals can be found here. The second update post, on my career and lifestyle goals, can be found here.

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