Morning Anxiety is a Real Thing. Here’s What to do About It.

woman in bed covering her eyes

The alarm goes off in the morning and your stomach is in knots. Your heart is racing, and your thoughts are starting to spiral before your feet even touch the floor. Sound familiar? If you suffer from morning anxiety, you’re not alone. While it might seem counterintuitive to wake up anxious, the deck is actually…

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How to Beat Time Change Fatigue this DST

Hate Daylight Savings Time? 😫 Try these 4 Tips to Beat “Time Change Fatigue” and share with a sleep-deprived friend! 😴 1. Go to Bed Earlier Sounds obvious, I know, but the thing to know is you don’t have to go to bed a whole hour earlier. Even just moving your bedtime up by 10-15…

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5 Quick Tips to Help You Relax Before Bed Tonight

5 things to help you relax before bed

1. Tap it Out If you’re feeling anxious or can’t stop thinking about something troubling you, EFT Tapping can be very supportive. Check out my Free EFT Guide to learn how. 2. Read a Book Take a break from screens and try reading a book or magazine to help relax your mind. 3. Take a…

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