5 Quick Tips to Help You Relax Before Bed Tonight

5 things to help you relax before bed

1. Tap it Out

If you're feeling anxious or can't stop thinking about something troubling you, EFT Tapping can be very supportive. Check out my Free EFT Guide to learn how.

2. Read a Book

Take a break from screens and try reading a book or magazine to help relax your mind.

3. Take a Bath

A warm bath at the end of a long day can help release tension from your body and ease your mind.

4. Journal

Get your thoughts out on the page. Anything from negative thoughts to a business idea that popped in your head in the bath. This can be very therapeutic and help clear your mind so you can settle down to sleep faster. Don't censor yourself – just free write.

5. Power Down

Put your phone away one hour before getting ready for bed. Give your thoughts time to settle and give your eyes a break from the blue light.

5 things to help you relax before bed

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