Facebook has made some MAJOR changes of late and you need a new plan of attack to be seen by your fans!

what's working now on Facebook

Learn what's working NOW for Facebook pages so you don't get left behind, with this free training! (Recorded live on September 11, 2014)


  • Learn what “Click Baiting” is, why Facebook hates it, and how the new rules impact how you share links on Facebook.
  • Learn how Facebook determines if you're sharing “quality” links or not!
  • “Like Gating” is dead on Facebook. Learn how this impacts any 3rd party apps/tabs you have on Facebook and what I recommend you do to update them. Wondering if this killed apps? Listen in to this section!
  • Q&A Session was recorded!
  • Learn how to salvage your reach, and the types of posts you want to share in light of these changes!
  • Have the new layout for Facebook pages and can't find anything anymore? I'm breaking it all down for you!


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To learn more about the Social Media Strategy Workshop, mentioned during the training, click here.

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