How to Use EFT Tapping for Stress and Anxiety Relief

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I must admit, I’ve had issues with anxiety on and off for what seems like most of my life. But at the end of 2020, my anxiety got really out of hand. Something about virtual schooling two kids for a year, while running a business from home with our family of four (plus four dogs)…

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Facebook Ads 101: Audience Creation

How to Create and Save Audiences for FB Ads

When it comes to running a successful Facebook Ad, half of the equation is knowing who to target. A few weeks ago, I shared some tools for finding your audience. Today, I’m going to show you two options for where to create your audiences once you’ve done your research. I typically recommend an audience size of around…

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Do you know your Facebook Ad Relevance Score?

Have you noticed a new stat in your Facebook ads dashboard? Facebook has rolled out a new metric and it can impact how well your ads perform in a variety of ways. It’s called the Facebook ad relevance score, and this is what you need to know… One of Facebook’s biggest concerns is trying to show…

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Looking for Facebook Ad Examples and Guidelines?

Free Ebook: How to Create Stand-Out Facebook Ads

I’m often asked, what makes for a successful Facebook ad? And even better – can you show me some examples of good Facebook ads….and what to avoid so my ads don’t flop? Facebook ad help is something so many entrepreneurs are seeking these days, as the ad space gets more competitive and declining organic reach…

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How to Publish LeadPages on your WordPress Site

Do you use for your opt-ins and sales pages? Did you know that you can either let LeadPages host the pages for you, and your URLs will look something like this or you can host the pages on your WordPress site, which would give you a URL like this Should you let…

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Social Media Business Hour Podcast Interview

I did a podcast interview with Nile Nickel on the Social Media Business Hour a few weeks ago and it’s live on iTunes now! We covered some great information about using Facebook for business, so be sure to check it out! • How can you increase your reach on Facebook • What should you be…

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Free PicMonkey and Canva Training

In this FREE TRAINING, you’ll  learn how to create amazing images for social media posts and Facebook ads using PicMonkey and Canva! Ready to create graphics for social media posts & Facebook ads that you can be proud of? The type that’s worthy of going viral. The type that stops your ideal client in their tracks.…

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Facebook Ad Strategies for Entrepreneurs

You’re going to LOVE this one! 🙂 I hadn’t done a FREE Facebook Ads training in months, so I was thrilled to share some of my best – and latest and greatest – tactics for Facebook Ads yesterday. Have you ever felt like crying while you were building Facebook ads? I’ve been there! Facebook ads…

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What’s Working Now on Facebook for Businesses

Facebook has made some MAJOR changes of late and you need a new plan of attack to be seen by your fans! Learn what’s working NOW for Facebook pages so you don’t get left behind, with this free training! (Recorded live on September 11, 2014)   Learn what “Click Baiting” is, why Facebook hates it,…

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