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This month I've been trying something new, and brought in experts that I know and love to train you on areas that are outside of my area of expertise, but that I think will be very helpful to you.

Wednesday night I brought in a pro to teach you all about how to create, structure and outline the content for your online program or course in 6 easy steps.

Janet Kafadar is a Signature Program Specialist who helps service providers package their knowledge, expertise and their BRILLIANCE to create fabulous Signature Online Programs and Products to give them more time, more money and to live a lifestyle that rocks!

Janet Kafadar

In this training, Janet shows you…

  • How to become ‘program detective' to find out what you should create for your audience
  • How create and develop a program outline
  • PLUS, she will provide you with an easy module template to help structure your program content

Download a copy of her FREE high-value WORKBOOK to follow along during the training, by clicking here.

We had our webcams on and you were able to see Janet's lovely face and enthusiastic gestures during the training – no boring slides – but something went amiss with the recording (boo on you Go to Webinar!) and I only ended up with the audio recording. So I apologize that you can't see Janet deliver her talk, but at least you can hear it and you can look at this screengrab while you listen if you like! 😉

Click here to listen to the audio file NOTE: There's about a 6-second delay at the start, FYI.

Have a listen and let us know if you have any questions. You can connect with Janet at and at

And if you'd like to check out Janet's FREE Canva training that we mention at the end – that is tonight at 8 PM ET (August 29) you can sign up for that here:

Janet screenshot from video



Author: Julie Lowe

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