Looking for Facebook Ad Examples and Guidelines?

I'm often asked, what makes for a successful Facebook ad? And even better – can you show me some examples of good Facebook ads….and what to avoid so my ads don't flop?

Facebook ad help is something so many entrepreneurs are seeking these days, as the ad space gets more competitive and declining organic reach has made Facebook a “pay to play” endeavor for most online businesses.

There are a few key factors you should keep in mind when creating your ads – and really, any content for that matter. Your content should always be delivering on at least one or more of the following elements….


Don't underestimate the value of good entertainment! Posts that are funny or entertaining in some way tend to get shared more. (There's a reason memes are so popular!) Sometimes your Facebook ads will be used for selling or list-building, and sometimes they will be used to build relationships, gain exposure, and to show your personality.

While I'm not likely turn a random meme into an ad (unless I can somehow tie it to a business or marketing objective), you can understand how loosening up and having some fun with your content can go a long way. And is “Ridiculously Photogenic Guy” ever a bad idea? 😉

ridiculously photogenic guy meme


In my opinion, your #1 goal on Facebook should be to provide a ton of value to your audience! Educating them on your topic of expertise, giving them helpful tips, and generally making their lives easier or better will build you a loyal following. Promoting an educational (free) opt-in offer with your Facebook ads is a wonderful way to grow your email list and your Facebook fan base at the same time.


If you can evoke an emotion with your audience, you will connect with them at a deeper level, and they are more likely to like, comment on and share a post that they resonate with. Emotion leads to another E….Engagement!

Wow! Has it been 2 years already since I started Socially Aligned?! Seems hard to believe.What is even more amazing to…

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Engagement is the key to getting more organic (free) reach on your Facebook posts, and also plays a role in improving your Facebook ad relevance score. (The relevance score is calculated based on the positive and negative feedback Facebook expects an ad to receive, and is updated as people interact with the ad. Good engagement can improve your score over time, and bad feedback and low engagement can hurt it.)

Engagement includes people clicking on links and commenting, liking, or sharing a post. Getting people engaged signals to Facebook that you have quality content and that people actually want to see it. Facebook is looking for signals that your content is worth sharing with more people. There's a nice, self-perpetuating loop where more engagement equals more reach, and more reach gives you the chance for more engagement.

When we're talking about regular page posts, more engagement equals more free (organic) reach. When we're talking about Facebook ads, more engagement means a better relevance score and a better chance that Facebook will continue showing your ad to your targeted audience. (If your ad is totally flopping, you're likely to see your Facebook ad trending towards getting zero impressions. It's not that Facebook doesn't want to spend your money, but they also don't want to show a bad ad to users.)

18 Examples of “Good” and “Bad” Facebook Ads

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