A Simple Practice to Evaluate Your Schedule

Feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day? This is for you!

A super easy way to get a handle on your schedule is to track what you’re doing for the next week. And I mean EVERYTHING you’re doing.

Where are you spending your time each day?
Now take a look at your GOALS for the month/quarter/year.

👉 Based on your goals, what do you need to STOP doing ASAP?

👉 What do you need to do LESS of?

✨ Are you losing hours every day to scrolling mindlessly on social media? Checking your inbox every 5 minutes and constantly responding to every message that happens to pop up? 

✨ Are there certain activities that you’re doing every day that just aren’t paying off for you in meaningful ways, you just thought you “had” to do them?

Take a look with fresh eyes. Do you REALLY need to do them or could they be replaced by more rewarding activities?

✨ What do you need to outsource or delegate because it’s not your zone of genius or something that only YOU can do? Stop saying you’ll do it someday, today is the day!

👉 Based on your goals, what do you need to START doing ASAP?

👉 What do you need to do MORE of?

Now that you’ve stopped doing certain activities altogether and/or decreased the time spent on them, you should have some more space on your calendar.

✨ You do NOT have to fill every minute of every day with activity, so resist the urge, number one!!

✨ However, based on your goals what are the needle-moving activities that you’re doing that you really should be focusing on MORE? What’s going to get you the biggest ROI in your life and career?

✨ What high-value activities can you identify that you’re not doing right now but you KNOW would actually help you reach your goals faster?

✨ What new activities, skills, or habits would ENRICH your life that you can start now that you’ve removed some low-value activities from your calendar?

Take some time this week to do this exercise and I promise you you’re going to be a whole lot happier with your schedule and your results!

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