What’s Holding You Back: The Three Reasons Your Online Coaching Business Isn’t Generating Results

Does this sound familiar? You’ve set your goals. You know what you want to achieve, but you just can’t seem to get there. It feels like some kind of force is holding you back from achieving the success that seems so attainable… yet just out of reach.

The problem isn't that you don't have the right plan or enough motivation; it's something deeper than that.

I've worked with thousands of online coaches and consultants over the past 8 years and I’ve seen it time and time again. Smart, capable people that just can’t seem to make a go of it.

The truth behind the pattern?

It’s not your offer…
It’s not your Facebook ads…

It’s your mindset.

Ouch, right?? It’s not easy to hear. It’s far easier to blame your funnel or come up with new ad targeting than to admit the only thing standing between you and success is, well…YOU!

But the truth is that your mindset affects everything you do. It influences how successful you are, whether or not your marketing efforts deliver results and what type of clients want to work with you.

It may just sound like new-age nonsense to some, but when we actually believe in ourselves – not just on the surface but on a subconscious level – our brains start working in ways that make achieving success seem a million times easier.

When we make this shift, our patterns can start to change for the better.

As coaches and business leaders, we want to make sure we’re installing beliefs that empower us as individuals, support others, and benefit the world at large.

And this brings me back to my main point: what's holding you back? The answer is often ourselves, whether we want to hear that or not.

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There are three main reasons your online coaching business isn’t delivering the results that you want. And if any of these apply to you, it’s time for a change:

The first reason your business isn't generating results is that you're holding yourself back from REALLY believing in the positive possibility that it can be successful.

The second reason is that you may not be following through on your commitment to marketing and promoting yourself.

You get lost in your head instead of taking action. Too many coaches I speak with are under the impression they can “build it and they will come,” but in reality, you have to build awareness of what you're offering before people show up.

And if you don't REALLY believe that you can be successful, it's going to be way harder to put yourself out there.

The third reason is that you're not setting yourself up for success with the right habits and processes that make reaching your goals much easier.

There’s a lot of content online about how to get more clients, but it typically just focuses on marketing and content creation.

I'm going to show you how to do the work that will really set you up for success.

I want to help you retrain your brain so that the beliefs you want become foundational. So when it comes time for an opportunity, or a prospect reaches out with interest—you are ready and willing to accept them without hesitation. You’ll be able to say ‘yes' because of who you have grown into.

That's why I created my brand-new group coaching program, Goal Alignment: A Soulful Perspective to Goal Setting and Achievement.

This 4-week program is for online coaches and consultants ready to experience a major mindset upgrade and get unstuck in their business.

No more failure to launch. No more getting stuck in ideation mode and your ideas never seeing the light of day. I will teach you how to move past upper limits and become unstoppable!

Learn more and join now…

I know there’s a lot of pressure from society to do more, be more and have it all. But that can lead us into stressful situations where we think about what others expect of us rather than focusing on our own expectations and desires.

That's NOT what Goal Alignment is all about. If you're tired of hearing how you should just work more, hustle and grind, and are ready for a more soulful, aligned approach, this is for you.

If you're ready for science-backed techniques combined with mindset magic and techniques you've never experienced before (no matter how much personal development work you've done in the past)… this is for you.

The more you can align your goals with what you want, the easier it will be to achieve them. And Goal Alignment is going to make that SO much easier!

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