The “Miracle Question” That Helps You Break Through Limiting Beliefs

Have you ever heard of the ‘miracle question'? It's a gem of a question from solution-based therapy, and it's perfect for self-reflection.

The miracle question is…

“Imagine that tonight, while you’re sleeping, a miracle happens. When you wake up in the morning, what would make it crystal clear that your life has taken a remarkable turn for the better?”

I think the power of this question comes from two things….

#1 We’re talking miracles here so your brain doesn’t play small. It goes straight to a 10x improvement. A quantum shift not a tiny tweak.

10x can be hard for people to imagine under normal circumstances, but the miracle question helps you ‘go there’ more easily.

#2 Your brain goes straight to the WHAT and bypasses the HOW. (It’s a miracle, remember, that’s how!) ✨

It helps you zero in on exactly what you REALLY want without getting lost in self-doubt and details.

The miracle question is like a mental magic wand that helps people break free from their limits and see a future where success is doable. 🪄

Next time you find yourself (or a coaching client or a team member) facing a challenge or seeking greater clarity, consider asking the “miracle question.”

It might just be the key to unlocking your potential and setting you on the path to high performance and miracle-making.

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