Free Call Friday for May 30th

Today kicked off a four part series I am calling Free Call Fridays. I will be having a training call at Noon Eastern every Friday for a month, all about social media marketing strategy.

NOTE: You have TWO WAYS to consume the call content! This blog post will basically serve as a transcript for the call. If you can read faster than I can talk (which is quite possible since I'm Southern) then you may prefer to read all about it.

For others, I know it's easier to listen while you drive or what have you, so the call recording can also be found at the bottom of this post. I hope that's helpful! Now, carry on….

I want to start with a story. If you've ever been on my trainings you know my tagline:

“I create social media strategies for busy entrepreneurs that desire more leads, more sales and a REAL PLAN to grow their business.”

I developed that with my coach when we first started working together.  I'm an “accidental entrepreneur” and I didn't have a business plan when I started, which is why I needed a coach! We came up with that line because the gap that I saw in the market is that hardly anyone has a plan! I also saw that hardly anyone was helping entrepreneurs get one together.

97% of entrepreneurs are just winging it with social media.

(I totally made up that statistic, by the way, but I bet it's pretty accurate.) 🙂 Doing the best they can but without any sort of real direction or goals. That's what I want to talk to you about today. What is a social media marketing plan, what does it include and why does it even matter.

In the following weeks, I'll cover strategies for Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Google Plus and even discuss some great case studies to inspire you.

Let's get started

I want to start off with 3 questions for YOU and I want you to REALLY think about them.

1. Do you know who your ideal client is? And I mean really know? Have you taken the time to really dig into that. What do they look like? What do they do? What keeps them up at night? How can you help them and what can you offer that they really NEED?

2.Do you know which social channels they are on? Do you know which channels are a good fit for them AND you?

3. Do you have a plan in place to help you create amazing content that really serves your ideal client and a way to effectively share it so that you can be seen and heard? So that instead of social being a time suck, social media is an actual revenue generating activity for you?

Did you say no to all three questions?

OK, so right now are you freaking out a little because you said no to everything? And maybe you're thinking, thanks a lot for stressing me out, Julie!! OK, so before you get all mad, I want you to picture this instead….

Imagine being able to get MORE done in less time, because you have a clear plan and systems in place.

Imagine being clear on who your ideal client is and how to serve them.

Imagine becoming the go-to person in your niche because your marketing messages and your content are spot-on and you're serving at the highest level.

Now doesn't that feel better?

How great would THAT feel by comparison? Because that's what I want to talk about today.

I want you to walk away from this training with a better understanding of what a social strategy is and how it can make a huge impact on your business. So to that end, let's jump in and cover the 5 essential elements of a solid social media plan.

5 essential elements of a solid social media plan 

1. Clearly defined Client Avatar

You have to do the foundational work and really nail down that client avatar. Yes, your avatar will evolve over time, but you have to start here because everything else builds from here. Who is your ideal client, what keeps them up at night, where do they spend their time online, etc.

2. Define your Mission and your Goals

You need to know both your mission – how are you going to serve these people – and also, what are your goals?

You're on social media for a reason, and it's not funny cat videos. It might be social media but it is MARKETING so you need to be clear on your goals for each channel. If you're not tracking and measuring your goals, you'll never know what's working.

Not to knock funny cat videos…

3. Choose your Channels

Which channels are a good fit for your ideal client and YOU? What do they use – and what do you enjoy? You don't have to be everywhere, just in the right places. If you hate Twitter, skip it! Does your ideal client love Instagram but you don't think it can work for your business? You might be surprised what we can come up with!

4. Content Strategy

What will you talk about? How will you curate content? How will you provide value? What format will this all take…Video? Photos? Blog posts? Infographics? You can't create amazing content on the fly. You can't expect great successes when every day you look at the clock and think “oh crap, it's 2 PM, I better post SOMETHING!”

5. Build your Tool Kit

You need to get organized! You need tools and a plan in place so that you can schedule and monitor everything. You need to be able to track and tweak and keep feeding that content machine! The lack of tools and a plan is probably the #1 downfall of most entrepreneurs and why so many consider social media to be a time suck. The lack of tracking and tweaking is why your content falls flat and you don't see improvement.

Now those aren't ALL of the elements of a social media strategy, but they are 5 that are absolutely essential. So even if you walk away right now, at least you have that list to refer to as you start to craft a plan.

Here's the thing though. The one thing the world is not short not these days is information. Thanks to Google, anything you want to know is available right at your fingertips 24/7.

But where has all of that info gotten you? For many, it gets them tired, more confused and even broke if they happen to cross paths with someone putting out bad info.

You don't just need more information. What you really need is someone with experience to lead the way and point you in the right direction. You also want a group of likeminded women to act as both a sounding board and cheer leaders while you work it all out.

You don't want to just be sent off into the world with an outline, you want to know someone has your back! 

I totally get it! I've been there and not that long ago either. I mentioned at the beginning of the call that when I first got started, I didn't have a plan for my business, I felt all alone, and until I got help, I felt like I was totally drowning and was about ready to give up. But I finally realized I needed help and I got a coach and I got a plan.

And oh what a difference a plan can make!

I got the plan, and I got support and accountability, and it made a world of difference! Today my business is hardly recognizable compared to where it was last year. Heck, I'm hardly recognizable in a lot of ways!

But it was no fun being stuck without a business plan and if you're stuck on the marketing bit, then I would love nothing more than to help you out. I don't want anyone to feel alone or to have to struggle through all of this. Don't get bogged down by social media. Just know that it's a little like travel. If you know you need to get from New York to LA, you don't just WISH yourself there. You need a plan to get there and you need a mode of transportation. Hopefully one that will get you there with minimal muss and fuss and with a great result, right?

I hope you have a better understanding of what should be included in your strategy and how a plan really can help you focus your efforts and get better results.

I'll bet you have questions…

How do I define my ideal client? How do I create content they'll love and share? How do I attract new fans and followers and how on Earth do I keep social from becoming one big time suck?!

The next 3 calls have more answers…

Well, I am going to give you some great examples in the next three calls of how some other companies are tackling social and doing some pretty cool things with great results to hopefully spark some great ideas. But as I said earlier, if we're being honest, you don't JUST need more info, you need guidance, support and a community of like minded women taking this journey with you, which is why I would like to invite you to join me in June for the Social Media Strategy Workshop.

Social Media Strategy Workshop

This will be a 6-week program that will walk you step by step through creating your social media strategy. We'll meet weekly and break down the components of the strategy 1 by 1. Everything we talked about today will be covered – from getting clear on your client avatar and how you can best serve them, to creating your content strategy so that you'll never be at a loss for what to post.

And of course, how can you manage it all so that it's not a time suck anymore and you can focus on what you love most!

I'll be providing the framework, we'll do a live training and then you'll be put on the hot seat every week so that you can start working out your ideas right then and there on the calls and get feedback not only from me, but from the group as well. I want people to feel like they are part of a brilliant mastermind group, which is why I'll be talking to everyone that would like to join 1 on 1 beforehand to make sure that they are committed to doing the work and really taking massive action!

Everyone will walk away with a complete plan that they can immediately start putting in place. In addition to the weekly calls, there will be worksheets and resource lists, and you will also be put into my private Facebook group for clients where you can get ongoing support even after the 6 weeks is over. You won't be left on your own to figure things out at any step!

The workshop will be a $1500 investment, which is a significant discount off of the cost of having me develop a done for you plan.

If you're interested in joining, be sure to email me with your questions or sign up for a free 15 minute consult here. Don't forget, there are a limited number of spots and one spot has already been reserved and this is the official launch and the 1st time I'm sharing all of this publicly, so I think it's going to be very popular and fill up!

Also, don't forget about next week's call covering Facebook case studies.

Interested in talking with me about the 6-week Social Media Strategy Workshop, which starts July 1st? Schedule a call with Julie by clicking here.

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