De-stress for Success with Lyndsey Burton of Soul Sisters

Are you on top of your game one minute with all the plates spinning, in the right direction – then, CRASH, you suddenly feel lost, overwhelmed and confused? Do you have a million things going on in your mind, no idea which one to prioritize and you’re exhausted from mentally going round in circles?

If so, Lyndsey Burton the founder of Soul Sisters is here to help you learn how to De-stress for Success.


Recently, I conducted a Q & A with Lyndsey about her business and how Soul Sisters can help our fellow entrepreneurs. See what she had to share and let me know what you think about her approach in the comments!

1. Tell us a little about yourself and your business! Who do you serve and how do you help them?

I’m Lyndsey Burton, a Lifestyle & Meditation Coach and mother of 3 beautiful boys.

I work with overwhelmed female entrepreneurs to help them take a mindful approach to their life and their business, so they can stop being busy and start living happier healthier lives.

From the age of 14 I worked in busy kitchens and in my late teens I ran a very busy and successful kitchen for a well-known British pub company. I was always super busy, never alone..

When I reached my early 20s I got pregnant and I suddenly found myself sober and jobless. All I had for company was the one thing I had worked so hard to avoid, my very busy, confused, lonely mind!

After years of depression I decided to take the alternative therapy route and ended up becoming a therapist myself.

Mediation became my specialized subject and now I spend my time helping female entrepreneurs find happiness and peace in the present moment and I plan to carry on doing this until I am really wrinkly and old.

2. Tell us a little bit about the Soul Sisters.

The Soul Sisters is an online retreat where female entrepreneurs can learn how to reduce stress and enjoy a more balanced lifestyle through self care and meditation.

We also have a flourishing community of female entrepreneurs who really support each other through the ups and downs of growing a successful business.

The members retreat launches 1st May and it will include:

  • Monthly online retreat sessions
  • Guided meditations
  • Live online meditation master classes

3. Do you have a free resource you’d like to share with everyone?

Yes, I have created a free 5 day balance challenge which is designed to help female entrepreneurs reduce stress by living more mindfully, so that they can enjoy growing their business and make time for themselves. You can sign up at

I have also recorded a 10 minute guided meditation for the Socially Aligned Community, which you can listen to below!


4. Let us know us know the best way to connect with you online!

Either by joining the Soul Sisters private Facebook community
 or email me at [email protected]com


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