5 Tips to Setting Goals That Inspire You


Whether you want to grow a 6-figure business, drop a few pounds, or buy a home – you need to be clear on exactly what you want in order to get it.

For some of us, setting goals is easy and effortless. For others, it’s challenging.

Here are a 5 tips that can help you fill your life with the things you’re dreaming of.

1. Allow Time to Dream (BIG)

The single biggest factor between you and what you want is not knowing what you want! I’ve been guilty of this myself at times. Time and space to get out of the day-to-day routine and imagine what is possible is essential to setting goals.

2. Write Goals Down – On Paper.

Sure, you can keep a list of goals and aspirations in Evernote or a Word document on your computer, but there is something magical that happens when you allow your mind to connect with your hand to put the words from the pen to the paper. Studies have proven that writing by hand improves information retention over typing, and don’t you think goals that you remember are more likely to be reached?

3. Make Sure They’re Measurable

This is more difficult for some goals than others. For instance, if you have a goal of buying a car, your measure of a successful outcome gets parked in your garage.

If your goal is to run a 6-figure business, how do you know you’ve been successful? Is it based on gross (before expenses) or net? Is that 6-figures per year or 6-figures per quarter? Determine not only what you want to achieve, but when you want to achieve it, and what the other specifics are – such as 6-figures gross or 6-figures net.

4. Start Long Term, Work Backwards

Start with your biggest, most audacious goal – the one that will take you the longest to achieve. Once you have that down, work your way back to the next one. Notice how some of the smaller goals will help propel you forward to the bigger goals.

Want to buy a house on the beach in five years? How many years do you need to maintain your income level to get that? How much do you want to put in savings each month? How many clients do you need to connect with each week?

If you’ve ever read The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, you know that this strategy is part of beginning with the end in mind.

5. Expect To Outdo Yourself

It’s tempting when you’re setting goals to doubt yourself and your ability to reach them. You want your goals to feel a little bit out of your comfort zone (but not so far they’re completely unrealistic). In other words, set yourself up for success.

And expect that even if the goal seems unattainable when you’re writing it down, you will be skyrocketing towards it sooner than you think. Expect to surprise yourself with your own ability.

One method that I love to use to determine if a goal is worth going for is to use the method described in the book Yes Yes Hell No! by Brian Whetten.

I might be a little partial since Brian is one of my personal coaches, but for what it’s worth, I fell in love with the book before I started working with him – and the book is free on Kindle Unlimited so be sure to grab it!

Brian teaches a method on how to make big decisions that create big wins. A big win is a goal that’s heartfelt, specific, and scary. It’s a dream or a desire that matters so much it frightens you – and aren’t those the goals worth going for?

What are some of the goals you’re looking forward to reaching before we close out 2015?

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