Why Imposter Syndrome is NOT a Bad Thing

The truth is, if you NEVER feel some imposter syndrome trying to creep in then you’re probably not pushing yourself to learn and expand in your business/career/field of interest. 

SPOILER ALERT:  You’re not an imposter – you’re doing something new and stepping outside of your comfort zone. 

Call it accelerated learning mode. Learning something new is exciting and if you share that excitement, people will notice and want to be a part of that. There’s nothing wrong with learning and growing and evolving – it’s beautiful!

I don't know about you, but I don’t really want to work with people that aren’t learning and evolving in their businesses over time. 

Plus, people that aren’t up to anything new ever can be kind of boring to hang out with too, just sayin’.

In the coaching world, we talk a lot about imposter syndrome, how it holds us back, and what to do about it. But what if imposter syndrome isn’t the villain we’ve made it out to be? 

Everyone has doubts sometimes, it's just part of the journey and no one is immune to it.

You're not an imposter – you're doing something new and stepping outside of your comfort zone.  You're not supposed to have it all figured out yet!

How do you build confidence? By doing something a bunch of times!

When you’re new to it, OF COURSE you’re going to have some doubts pop up – you’re HUMAN!

The key is to notice it, call it what it is, and keep going. Embrace it as a GOOD SIGN! You're growing, learning, and challenging yourself, and while it can be intimidating at first, it's still a sign of progress and growth.

Let me know in the comments – where have you struggled with imposter syndrome in the past? No shame – remember it’s a GOOD THING!

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