We need to shift from SEEKING to SEEING.

It is so easy to read books and inspiring quotes and seek out wisdom and think we’re evolving. To know something intellectually but not actually put it into practice and wonder why no matter how many personal development books you read you’re still yelling at your kids or getting caught up in petty dramas.

So how do we go from just being a spiritual seeker to really walking our talk? One way to start is by really and truly seeing and feeling what is going on inside of us and in our world.

To that end, today I want to share with you the Soul Shift mantra I learned from Dr. Barbara De Angelis…

“Today I am going to see what there is to see, to feel what there is to feel, and to know what there is to know.”

It may seem deceptively simple, but this mantra can be a powerful way to start your day, or to focus your attention during both challenging and exciting times.

Let’s break down each part….

“Today I am going to see what there is to see.”

We’re not just “trying” to see today and hoping we stick with it — it’s an unconditional commitment to open our eyes and see what there is to see today — whatever it is — good or bad. I will not pick and choose.

No editing, no resistance. I will see what there is to see. What is there to notice within me? What can I see and learn from those around me?

Maybe you need to stop ignoring a situation. Or maybe you’re about to have an amazing experience like a vacation or attending an uplifting event, and you don’t want to get swept up in things without really taking it all in.

“Today I am going to feel what there is to feel.”

I will invite my feelings to reveal themselves to me. To be brave enough to feel everything. Only through feeling and letting our emotions move through us and out can we release them.

I’m not going to push down feelings, or try to ration away my emotions. Only by feeling things can we heal them and transmute them into love and wisdom.

“Today I am going to know what there is to know.”

Now that you have seen what there is to see and noticed how you feel about it, you will naturally arrive at a place of knowing. This is not about figuring something out in your head. This isn’t about using your intellect.

Knowingness will naturally arise from being present to what there is to see and feel, which is why the first two steps are so critical in shifting our awareness.

It may seem overly simple, but consciously or unconsciously, most people choose to ignore things in their lives. “Nope, not going there, not going to feel that or think about that…”

When we have the intention that we don’t want to think about something in our lives, we will naturally do things to distract ourselves from seeing and feeling. If you’re too busy over-eating, playing on Facebook, drinking too much or getting wrapped up in drama, then it will become pretty easy to not see or feel the things we don’t want to deal with.

Obviously, numbing down and putting our blinders on never solved anything though. Think of it this way — if you were about to walk through a room littered with Legos and other toys to trip over and step on, would you rather go through in the dark or with the lights on so you could see yourself through clearly to the other side?

So while it may seem overly simple, using this mantra and committing yourself to seeing and feeling it all each day can cause a radical shift in your life for the better.

Start each day with the mantra (or start over your day right now). Take a few deep breaths then read it aloud while REALLY thinking deeply about the meaning as you say it.

The words aren’t magical in and of themselves and it’s not just a positive affirmation. It’s a way to ALIGN to your highest self in an instant.

It doesn’t just have to be something for the mornings though. Any time you’re feeling stressed revisit the mantra, but instead of saying “today” say “right now” to instantly bring yourself back to your highest in the moment.

“Right now, I am going to see what there is to see, to feel what there is to feel, and to know what there is to know.”

Try it out and report back the difference it makes for you over in my new Facebook Group, Live Your Life By Design.

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