Are Text-Only Posts Dead on Facebook and other Concerns with Reach

I know a lot of people are concerned about the changes announced this week saying that text-only updates will no longer get as much reach. Here's my take on it…

While that may be true as a general rule, it's quite possible that YOUR page won't see the same results as another page. I know some pages that are reporting incredibly HIGH reach with their text-only posts compared to photo posts, etc. My recommendation is that you keep a close eye on your Insights for the next few weeks and see what happens. (Actually, I recommend that you ALWAYS keep an eye on your stats. Make a habit of checking them at least once per week.) Post a good mix of content – some text-only posts, some link posts and some photo posts – and see what happens to YOUR reach and engagement numbers.

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Should you avoid Text Only Posts on  Facebook

The other thing I recommend? Don't obsess too much about reach!
Yes, you want more than a handful of fans to see your posts, but I would argue that if you had to pick between reach and engagement to obsess over, then you should be much more concerned with engagement rates!

  • Are you asking questions that encourage comments?
  • Are you sharing content that people just can't help but like & share?
  • Do you really know what your engagement rates are? It's quite possible people are clicking your links, they're just not commenting/liking/sharing.
  • Focus more on engagement and you will NATURALLY get more reach as well!

Still want more reach? Try these things…

  • Check your Insights and make sure you're posting at the best times. Learn when YOUR fans tend to be online and post around those times.
  • Post more frequently, at least 2-4 times per day, but make sure it's high-quality, engaging content. Don't get spammy and post for posting's sake.
  • An hour or two after you post on your page, share that post to your personal profile.
  • Join Facebook groups filled with your ideal clients, be incredibly helpful, and share your content there as well. Network and be more visible!

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Comment and let me know – are you still concerned about reach? Do you keep an eye on your Insights and track stats beyond the prominent reach numbers?

Author: Julie Lowe


  1. Domagoj on January 28, 2014 at 2:27 pm

    Well nowadays most people shares text inputed into photo comment, or just add it to the description of the link to their website. Like you say. maybe a pure text posts are dead.

    Thanks for sharing this information.


    • Julie Lowe on January 29, 2014 at 1:41 am

      Thanks for commenting, Domagoj! Well, Facebook is saying that text-only posts won’t organically get as much reach anymore, however, I do think you need to keep testing and see what works with YOUR audience. If they tend to like/comment/share text-only posts and help your reach in that way, then I would keep using them. Just keep testing and looking at your Insights to see what happens. I’d love to hear your results! -Julie

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