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Is there a Perfect Planner for Entrepreneurs?

Note: The 2016 edition of this planner post can be found by clicking here >

Once again, I was recently on the search for something and went to my go-to resource, Facebook groups full of entrepreneurs! And once again, they came through in a big way. This time, I was on the search for the “perfect” planner for 2015.

Now, to be honest, I wasn't even sure what I was looking for in a planner, other than I wanted an actual paper planner, not just another digital calendar.

planners for entrepreneurs

You see, my life is coordinated with a combination of my Google calendar, my Appointy calendar (where clients and potential clients book sessions with me), and my iPhone calendar. Thankfully, those are all synced up and the alerts keep me from missing anything. I also keep a paper calendar on my desk so I can see things at a glance, because sometimes I don't want to launch a browser window to see what's on my plate for the day! This year I've literally been ripping the pages out of my wall calendar and keeping them handy on my desk. Fancy, huh? 😉 For 2015, I was looking for a better system. Something to help me track my days and also my big GOALS, not just client sessions.

What follows is a compilation of all the calendars and planners recommended to me, with a little commentary. Looks like I will be using a combination of Leonie Dawson's planner and the iBloom planner. I'll let you know what I think once I get 2015 under way!

I hope this was helpful to you to have all these awesome choices put in one place! If you know an entrepreneur planning for 2015, please share this with them as well! Let me know in the comments what planner you're going to be using for 2015!

passion planner

Passion Planner handles appointments, journaling, a goal setting guide, to-do lists and motivation all in one! The woman behind Passion Planner is full of heart and soul. She had a vision of what could help her settle and center.  Lucky for us, she realized how much it could help everyone else in the world! If you visit the website, you can download bits and pieces of Passion Planner for free, which is super convenient if you're waiting for your purchased hard copy to arrive in the mail! (I really wanted this for 2015, but they are on backorder until January, and I didn't want to wait. Maybe next year!)

Leonie Dawson's 2015 Create Your Shining Year Planner looks SO fun! She's bright and bubbly and knowledgeable about how right brain people get stuff done! She knows what motivates and inspires you to set and meet your goals! Check out her video about the story behind the planner too, exciting stuff! (This is actually the planner I've ordered for 2015. It hasn't arrived yet, but when it does, I'll give you all an update!)

kate spade planner

Kate Spade Planner

The Kate Spade Planner for the fashion conscious goal setter…This book is large, and has space for appointments and celebratory goal realizations. Check out the decorating tutorial over on her site as well if you decide to buy this one! Fun!

David Byrd Planner

David Byrd Planner

The David Byrd Planning System is a little more utilitarian. It's a more scientific setup, perfect for you left brainers!

calendar templates

Calendar Lab might be a good choice if you need a free calendar that you can print out yourself. There are lots of options to choose from, and you can download them all straight away to print. If you like to doodle in the margins or decorate your own stuff, or if you really just like black and white with lines and numbers, this might be a good option. While I am waiting for my calendar to arrive and starting to plan out 2015, I've printed a few of these to help me start outlining some big picture plans. I've also realized that I will need both Leonie's planner for big goals and ideas + a day planner of some sort to track appointments. This might be a good free (other than printer ink and paper) solution.  

life is beautiful

Life is Beautiful calendar

2015 Life is Beautiful and So Are You Calendar isn't a planner, but it's a bright, vibrant, fun calendar to inspire you. As they put it… “This little calendar is full of magic! Discover 365 days of hand-drawn morsels of wisdom with outrageous optimism jumping off the page. Sure to uplift and inspire you every day. Let yourself be reminded of the how beautiful life truly is. You're worth it!”

simplified planner

Simplified Planner

The Simplified Planner by Emily Ley isn't necessarily for goal setting, but it's been created to highlight success by organization and is a good “simple” planner. There are some other fun tools for organization on Emily's site too! Each page features four simple, purposeful spaces: Today (7am-7pm schedule), To-do, Notes and Dinner — everything busy, intentional women need – and nothing more.

Do Over Year Calendar

Do Over Year Calendar

Jon Acuff's Do Over Year Planner promises to help you double your goals in 2015. It helps you focus on when and what times you will work towards specific goals in order to increase your chances of meeting them. And it's HUGE!

rpm life planner

RPM life planner

Tony Robbin's Life Planning System invites you to think differently, in terms of actionable steps building up to different goals. Don't be led astray by all of those checkmarks on your to-do list, they may not be getting you as far as you think, according to Tony!

nicola holland planner

Nicola Holland planner

Nicola Holland's Goal Setting Planner helps you breakdown and track yearly and monthly income goals and even social media planning! (Which I of course recommend!) 🙂

desire map planner

Desire Map Planner

Danielle Laporte's Desire Map Day Planner is beautiful, inspirational, spiritual and thought provoking. It's also practical and somewhat compact.

erin condren planner

Erin Condren Planner

The Erin Condren Life Planner is quirky and cute with a large selection of cover designs to match the spirit of your business or life adventure. It's a pretty straightforward planner. There are Classic planners and these great Quote planners as well to choose from.

Creative Biz School Productivity Workbook

Creative Biz School Productivity Workbook

The Creative Biz School Productivity Workbook Designed by a creative for creatives, this colorful, motivational workbook will show you how to get where you want to be in your business. Stay focused building your confidence, organizing your projects and manage tasks daily starting today! Darla has some wonderful resources for creatives on her site, so be sure to check her out!

ibloom planner

iBloom Planner

iBloom Life and Business Planner iBloom Life and Business Planner was actually brought to my attention after I originally published this post on my site. It was so fantastic I added it to the list and got a hold of a copy for myself! If you've been drooling over the Passion Planner but don't want to wait for it, you should check out iBloom.

The iBloom planner is well designed and colorful and it does a fantastic job of walking you through the process of setting goals for the year, and also monthly and weekly. There are places to assess your progress, celebrate your wins, and keep track of everything on your to-do list. I'm already in love with this planner and can't wait to start filling it up!

 UPDATE: Still didn't find the perfect planner? Several more options were brought to my attention after publishing this post. At the risk of overwhelming you with options, here are more planners to choose from…

What the Focus, which is a free planner that will have a free planning course associated with it in January; and this goal setting planner from White Acre Design.

Working on your New Year's Resolutions? Check out this FREE PRINTABLE.

More FREE stuff! 🙂 Download Your Free HEART AND GOALS Biz Planner + Workbook to get into inspired action in 2015!

Have a basic calendar but trying to create an action plan for 2015? Check out the Annual Action Plan by Vibe Shifting. It's a FREE PRINTABLE as well!

Casey Choate created this new planner that takes you step-by-step through creating a marketing plan. There are also some great looking bonuses with this planner for only $29. GRAB YOURS

Nadia Finer has an affordable Action Planner for micro businesses HERE and it's digital so you can get it now!

Want video courses on planning for 2015?

Kimra Luna had this free biz strategy webinar you can check out HERE.

Ilean Harris is teaching you how to hit $100k with info products in 2015 HERE. (free webinar)

Michael Hyatt has a fantastic (paid) goal setting course called 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever and registration ends January 8th, 2015!

So, which planner are you getting for 2015? Did I miss anything that just HAS to be added to the list? Let me know!

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I help entrepreneurs with social media marketing strategy, but my goal is also to just plain make your life and business easier and more successful, so I hope this free resource was helpful to you. Cheers and thanks for sharing!

32 Responses so far.

  1. Jenny says:

    I’ve been using Whitney English’s Day Designer for the last two years and love it! I’m thinking about switching it up a bit as the only thing I’m missing is a look at the week. Passion Planner was on my list but I also don’t want to wait, haha!

    • Julie Lowe says:

      I agree about the Passion Planner, I didn’t want to wait. You should check out the last one here, iBloom, it reminds me a lot of the Passion Planner and it’s available now!

  2. I think I have checked out every single one of the ones you mentioned and coveted most of them… I love the Erin Condren one – but once you add shipping to the UK.. most became to expensive. I got a free e-copy of the Passion Planner for being a good girl and helping promote the kickstart campaign. I will get it printed and bound with laminated covers I am making and add in a few extras – a personal manifesto, goals for the year etc all done on pretty paper with gold pens… I also bought Leonies ebooks the life and business planners – but like you say more about goal setting so will use alongside the Passion Planner. Love Jon Acuffs planner – little to big for my office space so made a simplified version so I can plan in 90 day segments on A4 (takes up 4 sheets). Fabulous article – thank you. 🙂 Off to check out Nicola Hollands print out.. ooooo Maybe I need that as well.. right?

    • Julie Lowe says:

      I love your idea of printing and binding it yourself, Rebecca! How smart! So glad this was helpful to you. I do think sometimes it takes more than 1 thing to get the job done – like a high level planner + a calendar. This will be my 1st full year as a full-time entrepreneur, so I’ll see at the end of the year what ended up working out the best and revisit the topic. 🙂

  3. Excellent list of resources Julie! I’m going to be creating my own planner for next year because I haven’t found one that I just love. I like a few things about each one so will be building my own. Having a plan is priceless in business! I somehow managed my first two years without one, then had huge success with the third and fourth years with one. So now I’m going to create my own and it will be so fun!

    • Julie Lowe says:

      I love that so many people seem to create their own, Sheila! I just don’t think I want to invest the time into it, honestly! 🙂 That is so true about needing a plan, and so telling that you became so much more successful once you had one!

  4. Heather says:

    Love seeing all of these in one place to explore, pick and choose and see which models fit my brain. 🙂 One I’ve used for a few years that you should check out is http://www.thesuccesschoice.com.

  5. Chrissy says:

    Julie thank you for taking the time to put this together. There is so much good information here it’s a bit overwhelming! I am one of the many waiting on a Passion Planner myself, but until it arrives I have a simple Goals Planner I picked up half-way through the year from Amazon and has served me quite well.

    • Julie Lowe says:

      You’re very welcome, Chrissy! I am glad it helped! There is a LOT to choose from and think about for sure, so I just went with ones personally recommended to me, and then from there you have to see what works best for you. It’s been very interesting hearing all of the preferences people have for planners. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Monja says:

    Hi, wanted to grab the one from Kate Spade (already have the PDF of the passion planner LOL) but the link is not working, can you please check that?

  7. laurad says:

    I like the look of iBloom… love to doodle ideas whilst i’m working, and the reality checks seem good!! thanks for posting Julie 🙂

  8. Darla says:

    I’m so honored to make your Planner list! I created the Productivity Workbook to help creatives, although many other entrepreneurs and small biz owner’s find it really user friendly, useful and of course colorful:) Thanks Julie!

  9. An amazing list Julie! It’s great that there’s so much variation out there, because productivity is so personal. And thank you so much for adding my planner as well. The WhatTheFocus day planner + course will be free for everyone that signs up before the new year 🙂

    • Julie Lowe says:

      You’re very welcome, Anja! Thank you for letting me know about it! I agree, planning is so personal, it’s great to have variety. And I love that you’re doing a course as well because I know a lot of people get overwhelmed by the thought of all this planning to be done!

  10. Robin says:

    Perfect timing as I hunt for a new planner”. Has anyone tried the Tools4wisdom planner? I’m leaning towards it but found a couple other new choices from this list to check out as well.

    • Julie Lowe says:

      I’ve not tried that one, Robin. I just got a copy of the iBloom planner though and I am loving the layout and all of the prompts to really help you think about your goals for the year and each month. Really well done!

  11. I got The Passion Planner and also Nicola’s 2015 Goal Setting Planner. PLUS I purchased a more classic version from the stationary store. Having fun entering goals, appoint, launch dates etc into it. This gal LOVES a planner 😉 Great post, Julie!

  12. Great round-up, Julie! I have Leonie’s planner. I’m seriously considering the Passion Planner, not just for me, but also for my mom and sister.

  13. I loved this article! I’m really a planner nerd – and belong to several planning groups on Facebook. My favorite planner right now is the Uncalendar but I do love the iBloom!

  14. Thanks so much for doing this post!

  15. Felicia Shelton says:

    Sure wish I found this post last year. Awesome post! Thanks for the info!

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