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This week I am featuring Sallie Boyce.
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Q&A Time – featuring Sallie:

If you were a superhero, what would your super power be?

We live in a world that, in many respects, is becoming de-personalized. Especially on the internet. So my super power would to be able to see the meaning behind what people say. I'd be able to identify sarcasm, insecurity and anger behind anything said online. And I'd be a mean negotiator as I'd always know when someone was bluffing.

What song do you crank up when you need a boost, or are celebrating a business victory?

Sally Cinnamon by the Stone Roses – an odd choice, but it was our first dance at our wedding.

What's the best book you've read this year? (Business or fiction)

I'm currently reading Punk Business by BrewDog founder James Watt and it is… clarity. Reinforcement that you're doing it right.

I love to play business matchmaker. What area of your business could you use help with, in case the Socially Aligned audience or I can hook you up with someone?

I'm on a mission to make sure every entrepreneur knows how to get PR for their business. Even if they then go out and hire an agency, I think understanding how the press works is a core business skill. So hook my up with entrepreneurs – always!

let's get social features a different entrepreneur every Sunday on Socially Aligned

Apple or PC?

Apple everything. Apart from watch. But it's on the wishlist.

What's your favorite social media network for business?

Right now I'm loving Facebook. So many great communities to learn from.

What hidden talent do you have that people would be surprised to learn of?

I'm married to a chef, so I don't cook that often. But, when I do, I'm actually quite good.

Give us the elevator pitch – what do you do and where can people find you online to connect?

I support entrepreneurs on their journey to gaining visibility + credibility for their business through targeted media exposure. I can be found tweeting @secretivesallie, and Like my Facebook page for daily PR tips and inspiration: The Startup PR Academy presents: Tips & Tricks.


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  1. Vicki Hadfield on May 8, 2016 at 2:22 pm

    “Sally Cinnamon” – I get it Sallie 🙂 Groovy beats about Sally – a very cool choice for your wedding song 🙂

    So….. do you & Your One cook with lots of cinnamon, lol 🙂

    Hugs, Health & Happiness,

    Vicki ❀

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