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Let’s Get Social – featuring Mallory Zingone

Welcome back for another week of Let's Get Social, where I feature a different entrepreneur every Sunday!

This week I am featuring Mallory Zingone. Don't forget – if you or someone you know can help out the featured entrepreneur with their area of need (see question #4), be sure to leave a comment! Also, if you would like to be the next entrepreneur featured, learn how at the end of this post. Enjoy!

Q&A Time – featuring Mallory:

If you were a superhero, what would your super power be?

To be indefatigable! So I could have as many experiences as possible without being burnt out.

What song do you crank up when you need a boost, or are celebrating a business victory?

What's the best book you've read this year? (Business or fiction)

I love to play business matchmaker. What area of your business could you use help with, in case the Socially Aligned audience or I can hook you up with someone?

Definitely advertising and marketing, especially on a budget.

let's get social features a different entrepreneur every Sunday on Socially Aligned

Apple or PC?


What's your favorite social media network for business?

Pinterest, I like that it's not as ‘time sensitive' as Facebook and Twitter, people could stumble across my pins whenever.

What hidden talent do you have that people would be surprised to learn of?

I love to grow things! All sorts of plants and veggies, a friend just recently saw my starter plants and was astounded that I basically a 100% success rate starting my seeds. I didn't realize it was a big deal until she was gawking at them trying to figure out how I did it!

Give us the elevator pitch – what do you do and where can people find you online to connect?

As a Certified Professional Coach and avid backpacker, I help aspiring long distance hikers get out on the trail safely and confidently by guiding them through the life transitions that come along with long distance hiking, as well as teaching them the skills they need to thrive in the woods. You can find my contact info at http://www.youradventurecoach.com or e-mail me [email protected]

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