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This week I am featuring Karin O'Grady. Don't forget – if you or someone you know can help out the featured entrepreneur with their area of need (see question #4), be sure to leave a comment! Also, if you would like to be the next entrepreneur featured, learn how at the end of this post. Enjoy!

Q&A Time – featuring Karin:

If you were a superhero, what would your super power be?

Like many super heros I do my best work under pressure. It is amazing what I can get done with a determined head on and a couple of focused hours. I also have the power to instinctively know what my children are up to three rooms away!

What song do you crank up when you need a boost, or are celebrating a business victory?

Right now my favourite is America's Sweetheart by Elle King. It goes load and is super bouncy! When I am feeling a little discouraged and need a pump up it is always Girl on Fire.

What's the best book you've read this year? (Business or fiction)

I have just finished #Girlboss. I know, I am a little late to the party but I didn't want to buy the hype. I picked it up at the library and it is brilliant. Sophia is awesome and takes no punches. Excellent advice and it is the first book where I was taking pictures on my phone of paragraphs they were so good.

I love to play business matchmaker. What area of your business could you use help with, in case the Socially Aligned audience or I can hook you up with someone?

I have a podcast, The Mummy Soul Sessions, where I chat all things about self-love and respect. It is about fitting your oxygen mask first as well as chats about parenting life. It is relaxed, informative and relatable to a lot of women out there. I love having special guests on who play in the wellness, self-care field or even those who just like to share their rituals and routines that help them be their best self.

let's get social features a different entrepreneur every Sunday on Socially Aligned

Apple or PC?

Apple. I made the switch about 5 years ago and will never go back.

What's your favorite social media network for business?

As much as it hurts my brain, Facebook is where I need to be for my readers and listeners. In saying that I personally love Instagram and will often find myself filling online shopping carts from something I have seen on there.

What hidden talent do you have that people would be surprised to learn of?

I am an excellent singer, brilliant even… when I am by myself, in the shower, with all the windows closed and when no one else is home.

Give us the elevator pitch – what do you do and where can people find you online to connect?

I am a blogger, podcaster and a bit of a free spirit. My website Calm to Conniption (http://calmtoconniption.com <http://calmtoconniption.com>) is a light hearted parenting and lifestyle blog. It's filled with lashings of sarcasm and humour, I tackle big world problems like candle maintenance, sandwich cutting and urine projection in boys. My podcast The Mummy Soul Sessions feeds off Calm to Conniption and is all about looking after yourself so you can look after the family.

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