How I’m Leveling Up My Learning This Year

Transform Your Learning Habits Starting Now

I've got something fun to share with you today!

I LOVE to learn and I'm constantly reading or watching something new for personal development, to up my business game, or to deepen my coaching skills.

In the past, I would stick tabs in books and take digital notes while watching training videos to capture my takeaways so I could return to the info later.

But let's be real, how often did I actually revisit those tabs, and could I ever find those random notes scattered across notebooks and apps when I needed them? Not so much. 🫣

Well, I tried something new this year and I've been absolutely loving it! It's a simple hack that's made a big difference in how I approach learning.

It's super simple but incredibly effective…I've started making notecards of key takeaways.

Here's why it's been a game-changer:

1. Easy Review: Whenever I want to refresh my memory on a book's topic or review what I've learned from a training, I just flip through my notecards. No more hunting for tabs or struggling to remember where I left off.

As my stack of cards has started growing, I've started grouping them into categories to make this even easier. A friend even gave me the idea to get a recipe card box to store them in, so that will be the next phase of this new system!

2. Active Learning: I'm actively looking for key takeaways to write down while I'm reading or watching a training, which keeps me engaged and helps me integrate the knowledge better. Physically writing the info on a notecard engages more of your senses and helps with memory retention as well. 🧠

3. I'm Collecting Coaching Questions: I'm also using the notecards to capture questions and frameworks that I can use with my coaching clients. Before I get on a coaching session, I pull out the cards and look through all of the powerful questions I've collected and the frameworks I have so they are fresh on my mind.

This has allowed me to show up to coaching calls feeling completely prepared to take on ANY challenge a client might bring to the table.

In the past few weeks, I've had 1:1 sessions that covered everything from…

  1. how a coach could bring in an additional $20k to her business in the next month,
  2. to how a young woman can figure out her ‘path in life' and start a career,
  3. to how to have a difficult conversation about getting team members into the ‘right seats' in a family business,
  4. to how an artist and writer can stay inspired and creating — even when he's feeling uninspired or scattered at the moment.

Inspired to start your own notecards yet? Trust me, this has been a game-changer for me, and I highly recommend giving it a shot if you're into personal and professional growth.

It's a small tweak with big rewards — and considering you can buy 100's of index cards for $5, it's something anyone can afford to try out!

What about you? How do you love to keep notes while learning? I'd love to hear about it – comment below and let me know!

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