Are you trying to think of a special gift to send to your clients during the holiday season? Maybe you've had an exceptional year and want to say thank you – or maybe you want to start a new tradition of sending new clients something special after they sign on with you.

I've been on the search for holiday gifts for clients lately, and I asked for some ideas in one of my favorite Facebook groups (Freedom Hacker's Mastermind, you should check it out!).

There were so many great ideas and everyone was so excited about the topic, I decided to compile some of my favorites to help spread the ideas. So, if you're an entrepreneur looking for some great gift ideas, enjoy, and let me know in the comments…

What's the best gift you've ever received from a coach or business associate – or what's your favorite gift to give to clients? (My favorite is MantraBand!)

Mantra Bands


Gifts that go YUM!

Lots of holiday gifts come in the form of food and drink.  Think herbal tea, specialty coffee, or handmade cookies like those available at Sweater Box Confections and You'll be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn't appreciate good chocolate.

Check out  French Broad Chocolates for some environmentally responsible sweets. If perishables make you uneasy, gift cards to popular coffee spots are a great way to let your clients know that you are encouraging them to be good to themselves too. (We tend to put ourselves last, don't we?)

French Broad Chocolate

French Broad Chocolate


Relaxation Time

Serious about relaxing, centering, and mindfulness? Consider essential oil kits, ambient music CD's (check out Lori at or scented candles. Check out The Scented Bean for great candles from a fellow entrepreneur and friend, Lisa Stoops.


The Scented Bean

The Scented Bean


Need a digital gift for international clients?

Everyone loves music!  iTunes cards are very popular and can be used to purchase anything at the iTunes store, music or audio books.

Amazon gift cards would cover anyone and everyone and Etsy gift cards would be perfect for someone that prefers to shop for handmade gifts and unique items.

Want something for self improvement or reflection?

For those that are into self help and personal development there is a massive selection of current books out there to challenge and inspire them into 2015. How about a gratitude journal, a personalized planner or other memento that reminds them of you in the moments when their mind is quiet?

For planners, check out Passion Planner or Leonie Dawson. I have a whole list of great planners to choose from HERE, as well.

There is a great group of “mantra” products on the market right now. MantraBand is a great example, and my favorite. Much like the concept of a charm bracelet, you can send one for an important milestone or occasion. Other products that have similar themes include The Truthbomb Deck or MyMuchness Cards.


Truth Bomb Deck

Truth Bomb Deck

Pampering and Beauty Gifts

Pampering gifts are versatile and can be tailored to men or women. Think bath & beauty products or a gift certificate for a massage or mani/pedi. Alternatively a company called FlashTat is offering very unique jewelry inspired temporary tattoos, what fun!


Flash Tat

Flash Tat


Check out Heather Jadus for BeautyCounter products at – I love them and use them myself!



Beautycounter products

Personalized or branded gifts

Sum up a clients first big launch into a photo book made on a site like Shutterfly. Showcase the graphics and photos that they used, sayings or keywords that were used in their campaigns during their successful ventures.

If you feel like none of the above are really catching your eye, you may discover the perfect gift on a site like Uncommon Goods or Red Envelope or check out this list at

I hope this list inspired your gift-giving search! If it did, please share it around!


My Muchness Deck

My Muchness Deck

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