Let’s try an experiment.

Make a fist. Squeeze it tight…keep squeezing…keep squeezing. Okay, unclench your fist.

I bet your whole body tensed up while you were clenching your fist. Your heart rate might even have gone up. Did you hold your breath unintentionally? It might have even been hard to unclench your fist at first — maybe hard to uncurl your fingers.

Here’s the thing — contraction takes up a lot of energy….

Whether we’re talking about a physical act of contraction (like clenching your fist) or the emotional state of contraction.

When we’re trying to sustain contraction, we have less energy left for expansion.

If you’re not alone right now, try to make a tight fist while having a pleasant conversation with someone. It’s really hard to do!

If you have contractive energy going on on the inside, it makes it hard to sound and look anything but contracted.

This, of course, extends beyond something as simple as making a fist — it also applies to emotional contraction. Locking down your feelings. Suppressing yourself and not fully expressing. Trying to be someone you know deep down you’re not.

Imagine two people with a lot of inner contraction trying to be open and loving and caring in their relationship. It’s hard to love in a very expansive way on the outside when you’re really contracted emotionally on the inside.

Imagine trying to do big things in the world as an entrepreneur and deliver transformative work when you are limiting yourself in a million different ways….

Trying to play small and not let people see the real you because you’re afraid it might scare them off or intimidate them if you shine too bright.

Trying to do things in the way that society or your family says you should — when you know deep down that’s not how you’re built.

Thinking you’re “wrong” for having certain personality traits and trying to hide them instead of embracing them. Scrunching your personality down into a mold that doesn’t fit.

When you live in this way, there’s literally a vibrational clash between how you’re feeling and how you’re trying to behave — and everyone will be able to feel it, whether they can put their finger on the exact issue or not. Something will feel off.

Is there anywhere in your life that you’re contracting? Whether it is in a relationship, in your business or career, or just in how you generally show up in the world?

How amazing would it be to stop contracting and start expanding instead? To embrace your gifts and what makes you tick, 100%.

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