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Channel Your Inner Wonder Woman

I’ve always been intrigued by the popular TED Talk by Amy Cuddy on “power poses”.

You can check out the presentation here if you’ve never seen it or need a refresher.

There have been a lot of studies done on BODY LANGUAGE (especially in business), as to why people feel either empowered or “weak” when they sit/stand a certain way.

The gist of it is that when you put your body into a “weak” position (slouching, making yourself smaller, playing with your hair, looking down, etc…) your body automatically INCREASES its cortisol level (the “stress” hormone), and decreases it's testosterone.

When your body goes into a strong stance (opening yourself up, hands on hips, head/chin up, posture upright, etc…) your body's cortisol levels drop, and testosterone INCREASES. (Testosterone is directly correlated to feelings of authority, leadership, and empowerment.)

Why does this matter / how can it help you?

Standing like Wonder Woman (a.k.a. in a power pose / superhero pose) can actually make you FEEL like that badass Amazon woman, boost your confidence and result in an entirely different RESULT than you might have had if you were slouched over feeling weaker.

(Fun Fact: they actually did this on an episode of Grey’s Anatomy this season – all of the doctors in the surgical suite, hands on hips.)

And while I keep referring to Wonder Woman, obviously this works for men as well, and you don’t have to do the “hands on hips” move exclusively.

Find a pose YOU feel empowered in – but stand up tall, chest out, chin up and either hands on hips or in the air like you are celebrating a win.

Hold this pose for 2 minutes. (Sounds lame, but just do it…in just 2 minutes, your biochemistry actually changes).

Now picture this…

What if your brain was full of feelings of CONFIDENCE all day instead of feeling joyless, tired, or run down?

What if you did this for 2 minutes, and put your mind & body into a frame of EMPOWERMENT before you start your work day?

What if you set a reminder to check-in on how you are sitting throughout the day? (Or that you’re getting up regularly instead of slouching at your desk for 3 hours straight!)

How important is it to have your body and mind feeding you the RIGHT messages:
* before an important meeting or interview?
* before (or even during) a strategy call?
* while working with clients?

Try it and share the difference it makes for you (or not) in the comments!

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