Transforming Your Life One Half-Hour at a Time

The 30-Day Challenge That Can Revolutionize Your Life

You can change your life in minutes. Don’t believe me?

💍 You can propose marriage in less than a minute.

💰 You can receive a life-altering job offer in 5 minutes.

🚀 You can leave the Earth’s atmosphere in under 9 minutes!

It’s a new year and you’ve probably been thinking about making some big life changes this year, am I right?

Are you already frustrated about how much time it’s taking and how it seems impossible to get it all done?

I can almost guarantee you are and I know that because by the second Friday in January, aka “Quitters Day”, 80% of people have ditched their New Year’s resolutions. Only 8% of people will make it through this year with their new habits intact.

But let me ask you this…can you find just 30 minutes today to commit to improving your life?

Can you do that for 30 days?

Now, you’re probably thinking, but Julie, that’s not enough time!

But it is, my dear… because success stacks up.

30 minutes is more than the alternative of 0 minutes.

30 minutes x 30 days = 900 minutes.

That’s 15 HOURS!!

I truly believe that everything you apply time to gets better.

You’re telling me that if you workout 15 hours this month you won’t be healthier than if you’d worked out ZERO hours?

Of course you will be!

If you spend 15 hours learning something new, I can guarantee you’ll be smarter and at least a little bit better at it.

It’s just math.

Let’s stop making this so complicated. What are you committing to devoting 30 minutes a day to for 30 days? I'd LOVE to hear about it — comment and let me know what you're working on!

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