The Pinterest feature we’ve all been waiting for is here

Do you ever see something great on Pinterest, but can't remember if you pinned it before, so you just go ahead and pin it again to be safe? It's a common occurrence and I've heard users saying for a long time that they wish Pinterest would tell them when they attempt to pin something again. There's even a pin on the topic that made the rounds…

Did I pin this already?

And side note on this – when I went to Pinterest to find this image and did a search for “I've already pinned this before” it took me a while to find – because it was lost amongst hundreds of pins where people captioned a photo with “I think I've already pinned this before, but I love it, so here it is again.” 🙂

Well, users asked and Pinterest listened, because it looks like the feature now exists! Look at the message I just had pop up when I accidentally attempted to pin something for the second time!

Psst! You have already pinned this

Psst! Looks like you have already pinned this!

The system is smart enough to realize that it's not the first time you've pinned something, even before you choose a board to pin to. For example, when the window popped up for me, I hadn't chosen the appropriate board to pin to yet from the drop down, but Pinterest still knew that I had pinned it before – and to which board – and gave me a heads up so that I could decide if I really wanted to pin it again.

This may not seem like a big deal for some, but to those of us that pin a lot of content and can't always remember what we've already grabbed – this is pretty cool! 🙂

Author: Julie Lowe

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