My Slow Start and Recent Boom with Socially Aligned

I was asked recently why is it that my Facebook page isn't exactly huge, since I am a social media strategist, after all. I thought this was a fair enough question, and also a story worth sharing since it might benefit others as well.

So here's the scoop on my slow start and also how I recently doubled my Facebook fans and grew my email list from 0 to 155 in 3 weeks – with a $40 Facebook ads budget!

In April 2013 I attended Social Media Marketing World in San Diego, which is basically like Disney for social media people over the course of a few days. I got to meet Mari Smith and Melanie Duncan among others, I learned a LOT and maybe most importantly, I connected with some AMAZING entrepreneurs. I came home on some sort of live event high, even more in love with social media than ever before.

Julie with Mari Smith at Social Media Marketing World 2013

Julie with Mari Smith at Social Media Marketing World 2013

I also came home with an absolute NEED to start this business. I had never in my life considered becoming an entrepreneur, had no clue how to structure a business or what it should look like, I just knew that I wanted a blog and a Facebook page and I wanted to start helping entrepreneurs with social media. I had no idea what form that would take, but I jumped right in and started sharing content.

The problem was, while I was incredibly passionate about what I was doing, I had years of experience and plenty of knowledge about my niche, I didn't have a PLAN. I didn't even think of it as a business at first – just a side hustle or freelance work. I certainly wasn't ready to spend money on marketing and was half scared to really promote myself since I still work full time.

So, why should you care?

I realized recently that this experience gave me a great insight into the struggles that many entrepreneurs face when starting a business. My super slow growth on Facebook over the course of 2013 had nothing to do with a lack of knowledge about Facebook or marketing (I have plenty of that), but it had EVERYTHING to do with not having a real plan or strategy in place – both for my business structure and for how I intended to grow.

I had plenty of work to keep me busy – so busy that I completely neglected to work on my own business at all. I was getting huge results for clients, but I wasn't doing a darn thing to grow Socially Aligned!

The result was much like what I see all the time for entrepreneurs, though they tend to have the opposite problem. They are also passionate and great at what they do, and they actually do have their business structure figured out, but their problem is that they have no REAL PLAN in place when it comes to social media marketing.

They are as overwhelmed with social media as I was with setting up my business structure, and the result is the same. No Plan = No Growth.

So what has turned my business around and resulted in a huge boom for me in the past month?

Right before Christmas I realized I needed help. It was “go big or go home time” and I was ready to go big, so I got the help of an expert – my business coach, Stephanie. She helped me fix my business structure and then I started taking the advice that I give to clients all the time.

I started posting on a regular schedule. I started sharing valuable content. I used Facebook tabs to build my email list. I hosted my 1st teleseminar and then my 1st webinar in January and launched my new coaching program, the Socially Savvy Master Class. I got highly visible, provided an INSANE amount of value, and I started promoting my page with Facebook ads.

The result? I more than doubled my Facebook fans count, took my email list from 0 to 155, and signed on two new clients…in about 3 weeks and with a $40 Facebook ads budget. The rest was accomplished “organically” on Facebook, via email marketing and networking on Facebook.

If only I'd started all of this sooner, right? And the crazy thing is, I had all of the knowledge to do the marketing side all along…so why didn't I? There were some missing pieces to the puzzle (the business side of things) that I needed to make a go of it and until I had an expert coach to help me out, it just wasn't going to happen. I was floundering and knew it!

The point of the story…

So, I say all of that to say this…sometimes in life and in business we just need to say “You know what, I need help! Things aren't progressing like I want. If I was going to figure it out, I would have by now. I'm tired of struggling. I don't NEED to struggle anymore.” It's actually a very powerful and freeing thing to realize. Because now you can get the help you need and see MASSIVE RESULTS.

It was a HUGE stretch and a HUGE leap for me to hire a business coach, but I knew it was an investment that would pay huge dividends. I was ready to invest in my business so that it could grow and it's already paying off in huge ways.

What about you?

Are you tired of struggling with social media? Are you ready to put a REAL PLAN in place to grow your business? I would love to help. I can honestly say that nothing would make me happier than helping you to grow your business.

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