How I’m Using my “Rules for Habit Creation” to Get Back Into the Swing of Things Post-Thanksgiving

Back to reality, we go. 🙃 It's the Monday after Thanksgiving — which doesn't just mean Cyber Monday, it means trying to find your rhythm again after being off work for several days.

Days that were spent stuffing yourself with, well — stuffing — turkey and pie and napping off the tryptophan crash. (Just me?)

Your good habits were likely put aside, and getting back to work might feel like a struggle. 😣

I know for me, the past several days were spent buried in a great book, and getting back to reality doesn't sound nearly as appealing today, no matter how much I love what I do.

💪 The good habit I held onto, even amongst the long holiday weekend craziness, was my daily workout. I've been trying to overcome all kinds of injuries and issues since my foot surgery last year so my workout routine was non-existent for quite a while to be honest — and I suffered for it.

Getting back to regular exercise after an extended break was NOT easy. I have been scared of reinjuring myself, and honestly, was starting to make excuses.

BUT I'm now on a 2-week daily exercise streak and it is all because I followed some of the ‘rules' of habit creation, which I outline in my book, A Few Good Habits. 👇

  • Start Small
  • Make it Fun
  • Make it Easy
  • Get specific about your plans
  • Make it a vote for your desired identity

💛 I made it easy by downloading the BetterMe app on my phone. I ALWAYS have my phone with me and I can do the workouts anywhere in my house. I don't need special equipment. There are even workouts you can do seated, so if my foot is flared up I have no excuses since I have seated workout options.

💛 I've started small by just doing one 10-minute workout per day. Most days, it feels so short it doesn't feel like ‘enough' — but that's a good thing. When starting a new habit, it should feel silly to skip it it's so easy.

💛 It's fun because there are a lot of exercises to choose from so I can mix it up and not get bored.

💛 I made it specific by putting my plans on my calendar – blocking off the time like a client appt. – and I know when/where/and what I am doing and for how long. No confusion about the plan — and if for some reason I can't do that time (like on Thanksgiving) then I have a backup plan.

💛 It's a vote for my desired identity because being consistent and following through with my plans are important to me. I'm not flaky. I honor my word.

It's a vote for me because taking care of my mental health is my highest priority and I know that taking care of my physical health is maybe the #1 thing I can do to support my wellbeing.

I know it's the Monday after Thanksgiving and reality kinda sucks sometimes, but do yourself a favor and start building some momentum today with a quick win. Just one small win. For you. 💛

Let me know how it goes. I'm rooting for you. 📣

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