3 Tools to Write Better Emails

I don’t know about you, but writing emails tends to feel like a chore, so I am always looking for ways to make writing easier and faster. Luckily there are ways around this problem – and it doesn't involve giving up quality content at all.

Here are 3 tools that have made life MUCH easier now that I am back to writing regular email and blog content.

Don’t Hit Publish: In their words: “Make sure your content (and copy) doesn’t suck”.

I’ve got to appreciate the bluntness of their tagline. LOL

‘Effective content, emails, and sales copy are the lifeblood of your online marketing campaigns. But how do you know if your writing is going to turn visitors into subscribers and leads into customers? Just run it through Don’t Hit Publish and you’ll get actionable tips to maximize its effectiveness.’ And it’s FREE to use!

Email Subject Line Grader: Exactly what it sounds like. Not sure if your email subject line is attention-grabbing? Pop it into this online tool and instantly get a ‘grade’ and some helpful tips on how to improve your score if it fell short. It’s free to use and doesn’t even require a sign-up!

Conversion.ai: Do you ever wish there was an easier way to produce content every day? Like an “easy button” for marketing content?

Sounds nice, right? Well, here’s your easy button, it’s called Conversion.ai

The way that I most often use it? To overcome writer’s block, improve a sentence I just can’t seem to nail, and come up with new angles for PAS-style posts.

Are you going to have to finesse the copy some so it sounds like ‘you’ and not generic? Sometimes – but it’s a heck of a lot better (and faster) than what I can usually come up with staring at a blank screen, so it’s well worth the (low-cost) investment in my book!

Try it out RISK-FREE and get 10,000 bonus credits if you sign up for a FREE TRIAL with my link.

🦄 BONUS TIP: HOW TO ADD A GIF TO AN EMAIL IN 3 EASY STEPS. I couldn’t resist adding this!

Gifs are my love language, so it’s surprising I didn’t attempt this sooner, but I recently learned how to insert a gif right into an email while using Gmail.

It’s suuuuper easy too, thanks to the “insert photo” feature. Here are the steps:

1. Open your Gmail and compose a new email.

2. When you are at the point in your email where you would like to insert a GIF, click on the “insert photo” icon on the bottom of the email.

3. From here, you can drag a GIF to the box that says “drag photos here” or paste an image URL from a GIF site like GIPHY.

That’s it! You’ve just made your email 10x more interesting! 🙌🏻

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.” – Louis L'Amour

Which suggestion above was your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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