Entrepreneurs: Are you frustrated or overwhelmed by Facebook Ads?

Learn how to set yourself up for success with Facebook ads

What every entrepreneur needs to know before they waste another penny on bad ads...

Julie Lowe, Founder
Socially Aligned

Julie Lowe


Are you about to the end of your rope when it comes to Facebook ads?

Maybe you're too intimidated by Facebook Ads to even get started, or maybe you've run ads in the past, but they never seem to pay off with a return on your investment (ROI).

Are you tired of wasting precious time and money trying to figure out Facebook ads, and wondering how on earth OTHERS are succeeding with them, but you can't seem to?

If you feel like you've been spinning your wheels and getting nowhere, it's not your fault.

Facebook ads are complicated to figure out on your own, and easy to lose money on - if you don't know what you're doing. (When I started trying to figure them out on my own 5 years ago, I would nearly be in tears it was so frustrating, so I GET IT!)

If you're ready to start building effective Facebook ads that bring in quality leads for less, I have the solution.

In the Power Editor Master Class, I will show you step-by-step everything you need to know to get more leads and sales with Facebook ads.

You don't need a big budget to be a success, and you don't need to spend days on end researching. (I'll teach you everything you need to know in about 2 hours!)

Learn how to quickly and easily create Facebook ads that are optimized to get you real results...all for less than you're likely spending right now.

Imagine what it would be like to stop wasting hours aimlessly clicking around inside of Power Editor, and get your ad created the right way....and fast!

How amazing would it be to know that you're NOT wasting money on poorly targeted ads and using strategies that just don't work?

In the past 5 years, I have personally created over 2,000 Facebook ads and helped over 600 entrepreneurs in every niche imaginable build their own effective Facebook ads.

After helping one small business bring in over a Million dollars in revenue each year from social media traffic alone, I have the hands-on experience that few can offer when it comes to creating Facebook ads that actually work.

After completing this course, you'll finally be confident about your Facebook Ads!

• Stop the confusion and overwhelm you feel every time you create an ad. 
Get step-by-step tutorials on how to use Power Editor for ad-building (even if you're a newbie) so that you can get in & out in record time...and know that it was done RIGHT!

• Learn to target your Facebook Ads to the best possible audience every time. No more wasted ad spend on people that have no interest in your offerings!

• You'll know how to optimize your ads for the best possible results - at the lowest cost possible. Learn how ad types and campaign goals can make or break your results & how to choose the right setup every time.

• Learn how to create amazing images for your ads & write ad copy that gets clicks. Get my complete training on PicMonkey + Canva, plus copywriting tips to make your ads and pages more compelling.

• Learn what to test and how. Testing is vital and the only way to see improvement. Get testing tips + learn how to read your Ad Reports so you know what's working and what's not so you can tweak your ads.

"I increased leads up to 60%
and lowered my costs"

Julie's expertise with the Power Editor has helped me increase truly measurable results in both my own business and my marketing coaching practice for clients. Facebook ads are an integral part of many of my social-to-sales strategies for my customers.

She has helped me increase leads up to 50-60% more with a much lower ad budget investment and a much, much greater return.

Laura Wallis, Web Navigator Gal

"I got 20x better results after taking the class"

I loved this class! Julie has such an amazing way of teaching – very step-by-step and very methodical. I never once felt lost in her class.

When I started out doing Facebook ads, I was very confused and my ads did NOT do well at all. Very few leads, they just dripped in, and I got basically nothing for the money I spent.

I took Julie’s class, did a new ad, and got more than 20 TIMES the results on the ad compared to what I had seen before - and I spent way less! I had spent $50 before and got nothing, and got 20x the results with a $5 ad!

I finally GET IT and it was all in the training - everything about tweaking the ads and testing. If you’re like me, and you’re lost in Power Editor or not getting the results you want, especially from just boosting a post, definitely get into Julie’s class, it was incredible.

Thank you so much, Julie, I am so glad you put together this class!

Africa Archield, AfricaArchield.com

Here's What You Get:

When you purchase the Power Editor Master Class, you immediately get access to the following materials:

  • Easy-to-follow training videos where I show you exactly how to create Facebook ads in Power Editor. Perfect for beginners and more advanced advertisers.
  • Lifetime Updates & Lifetime Access! The class will be updated several times per year as Facebook makes changes. Go at your own pace & come back anytime there are updates.
  • PDF Guides including a complete checklist for ad creation, what to test, common issues with causes & more.
  • Access to my private Facebook Group for clients for ongoing support. Ask any remaining questions you have & get feedback on your ads! PRICELESS!

You'll get instant access to all of this for just one payment of $197.

Click the button below to pay via PayPal, then wait to be redirected to my site where you can gain instant access to the class after you create a username and password. Nice and easy.

Learn the techniques I used to grow a Facebook page over 15,500% in 4.5 years with an engaged audience that brought in Millions for a small business!

Julie Lowe is the Facebook Ads trainer for...

• Online Edge Academy with Melanie Duncan
Kimra Luna's popular Be True, Brand You program
Carrie Green's international Female Entrepreneur Association

"Our email list has grown over 400% & business is booming"

When I first opened the Power Editor, I knew that I couldn't figure it out alone, but I also knew that my business growth depended on getting it.

Luckily, I found Julie's Power Editor Master Class, which changed my view of the Power Editor from beast to BFF for our business.

Her straightforward videos made everything so easy to understand and our very first ad turned out to be a success. Since using the Power Editor Master Class, our email list has grown over 400% in the past few months and business is booming. Couldn't have done it without this class!

Melissa Cyr, Dance Sport Place and MelissaCyr.com

Think how much it is costing you every day that you aren't building your list with quality leads, because you're too scared to try out Facebook Ads. Or how much money you've already wasted on ads that just don't work!

Try it Risk-Free for 30 days! After watching all of the modules and taking action, if this course doesn't meet your expectations, email me for a full refund.

Click the button below to pay via PayPal, then wait to be redirected to my site where you can gain instant access to the class after you create a username and password. Nice and easy.

P.S. Remember, not only is there more actionable info in this training than you will get watching countless webinars, but this system is built based on years of personal experience creating ads for countless niches. (I've not made this work for just 1 business, but hundreds of businesses!)

Not only that, but you will gain my PERSONAL SUPPORT inside of the private Facebook group. That level of help is nearly unheard of, especially without a hefty price tag, from a Facebook ad expert!

The system in this training has worked for 100's entrepreneurs just like you, and it’s 100% backed by the 30-Day guarantee, so you can’t possibly lose. It’s a no-brainer.

"I was able to attract 1100+
people to a free challenge"

When I was looking to start Facebook ads and using the Power Editor, I was overwhelmed by Facebook’s constant changes and underwhelmed by what many programs offered to keep abreast of those changes.

I was introduced to Julie through her (introductory) training inside Melanie Duncan’s Online Edge Academy. Julie's training was so straightforward and easy to implement, that it resulted in producing Facebook ads that converted at 73¢ for my launch.

When I was about to embark on a major client’s program launch this year, I knew I needed to get a little more advanced. Which is why I invested in Julie’s Power Editor Master Class. Learning new Facebook ad strategies enabled me to attract 1100+ people into my client’s free challenge through Facebook alone. It’s also become one of the key traffic drivers when mapping out sales funnel storyboards for clients – and myself!

More than that, I felt supported through Julie’s Facebook group where she’s actively providing advice, feedback and encouragement on a regular basis. It’s nice to know someone’s got your back.

Kellie O’Brien, business storytelling strategist, www.kellieobrien.com.au

Master Class Modules

Power Editor Overview and Introduction
- Learn why you should ditch Boost Post & the regular Ads Manager and become BFFs with Power Editor instead

Account Setup
- How to setup your Facebook Ads Account the 1st time
- How to make someone an Admin of your Ad Account

Facebook Ads Strategy + Planning
- What to do before you even open up Power Editor
- What types of ads you can run, what you can promote + why

Overview of the Power Editor Structure
- How to organize your Campaigns, Ad Sets and Ads to make life easier

Audience Insights for Targeting Research
- Make well-informed targeting decisions & get a wealth of info on audiences
- Customer Avatar (Ideal Client) Exercise

Creating Audiences

- How to create Saved Audiences to save you TIME
- Includes advanced targeting and re-targeting techniques

- How to retarget your website visitors on Facebook

Conversion Tracking Pixel
- Learn how to create & install a tracking pixel & why this is VITAL to better converting ads.

Creating a Page “Like Ad” to Get New Fans
- Learn the cheapest & easiest way to grow a quality fan base & why I think this is a super-smart tactic to grow your business

Creating an Ad using an Existing Page Post
- Want more reach & engagement on your content? Learn when & how to use this method for promoting ads - and why NOT to use "Boost" for this.

Creating an Unpublished (Dark) Post
- The secret weapon to testing, testing, testing for better results!

Creating Video Ads
- The hottest type of content right now is video ads. Learn how to set them up, when to use them and when they're not a good idea.

Ad Reports
- Learn which stats matter, what to ignore, and discover the hidden report you probably don't even know exists but that could change how you target ads forever.

[Bonus] Facebook Ad Copywriting Tips
- 18 examples of both "good" and "bad" ads to learn what's working and what's not
- Case Study: How a client took a webinar sign-up rate from 4% to 27%
- Learn the #1 best-performing image type for ads
- Always know what to say with the Copywriting Checklist
- 3 Key Factors your content must deliver on
- The easiest way to create stand-out images + the best free stock photo sites

[Bonus - Full Training Course] Design for Entrepreneurs
- Learn how to create beautiful graphics, without hiring a designer!
- Learn the easiest way to create social media images using
Canva and PicMonkey
- Covers basic design principles to help you develop a more polished brand
- This is a full training course that originally cost $37 to purchase on its own!

[Bonus] Landing Page Optimization
- An important part in getting your ads to convert is having a well-optimized landing page. I've invited in a guest expert to share landing page optimization tips!

"I'm getting a 7-9% CTR and a return on my ad spend"

Before I took the Power Editor Master Class, I was very confused about FB adverts and was sticking to simple boosted posts as I simply did not know how to advertise. Quite frankly, I think Power Editor is a serious tool upon which you could waste a ton of money if you do not know what you are doing.

Julie's class changed all that. I now have adverts running continually, know how to monitor them, have 7 to 9% click-through rates, 10/10 relevance scores, very low costs and most importantly, I'm getting a return on my advertising spend.

The course is split into easy to manage sections. Highly recommended. Plus there is a further advantage of the private Facebook group, allowing any future questions to be answered by Julie herself.

Karen MacFadyen, Owner of CakeCoachOnline, London UK

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I've never created a Facebook ad before. Is this training for me?

A: Yes! You don't have to have any experience creating Facebook ads. I will show you exactly how to create the ads in a step-by-step tutorial.

Q: What if I have created Facebook ads before, will this be too basic for me?

A: Are you happy with the results you've been getting? Even if you know how to create ads, if you're not happy with the results you are seeing, you will benefit from the strategy provided in this training and you'll likely learn something new about the most efficient and effective ways to set up your campaigns.

I go beyond the how-to and get into my favorite strategies inside of this class. There's content to cover every aspect of FB Ad success, from A-Z, and is great for beginners and also more advanced marketers.

Q: Do I get to join your private Facebook group for clients if I buy this training?

A: YES! You will be able to join the group and ask me all the Facebook ad questions you want. 
For many entrepreneurs, this is the best part of joining the class because they are able to ask questions specific to their business and get feedback on their ads.

Click the button below to pay via PayPal, then wait to be redirected to my site where you can gain instant access to the class after you create a username and password. Nice and easy.