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Let’s Get Social – featuring Lauren McFarlane

Welcome back for another week of, Let's Get Social, where I feature a different entrepreneur every Sunday!

This week I am featuring Lauren McFarlane. Don't forget – if you or someone you know can help out the featured entrepreneur with their area of need (see question #4), be sure to leave a comment! Also, if you would like to be the next entrepreneur featured, learn how at the end of this post. Enjoy!


Q&A Time – featuring Lauren:

If you were a super hero, what would your super power be?

I actually had to come back to this question because there are so many super powers I would like. I think the biggest would have to be to fly, my partner is a pilot and I really loved going with just him and I in the plane and flying up the coast. I could only imagine how freeing it would be to be able to do that yourself!

What song do you crank up when you need a boost, or are celebrating a business victory?

When I am creating in the office or going for a meeting I choose anything from Rudimental I love the beat and if make me feel ready to run!

What's the best book you've read this year? (business or fiction)

I have been reading two fabulous books this summer –

MONEY Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom
This has been a great read so far and am loving that the book is about giving power back to the individual in understanding the money game. This is in such alignment with my business
Daring & Disruptive: Unleashing the Entrepreneur
Another fabulous read – Lisa really speak to you and is fabulous for those moving through the cycle of business and understanding the ups and downs. There is such an authenticity to the way she is speaking about her trials and tribulations it made me feel a little better about the time you aren’t feeling 100% in control

I love to play business match maker. What area of your business could you use help with, in case the Socially Aligned audience or I can hook you up with someone?

This year is about getting the right people of my team – I have an amazing VA assisiting me but I would really like assistance from a PR style person to help me to engage and assist more women in their businesses.

let's get social features a different entrepreneur every Sunday on Socially Aligned

Apple or PC?

Oh my gosh APPLE, I am totally addicted. I originally love the ease to sync all the devices and now just couldn’t imagine going back!

What's your favorite social media network for business?

I love the groups on Facebook but with the constant changes I am sort of moving into Google + Instagram and Pinterest. I do love allowing people into my world a bit on Instagram even though most is pics are my gorgeous puppy 🙂

What hidden talent do you have that people would be surprised to learn of?

Not so much a talent but a WTF from most people…. I help my partner as a navigator in off road racing comps in oz. We have a 4wd with a fast engine and we go to a number of comps throughout the state and race. My jobs is to tell him when there are turns or hazards coming on. Oh and also to hold on cause on some straight we are drive at over 160km per hour.

Give us the elevator pitch – what do you do and where can people find you online to connect?

I teach amazing women how to build a business that has rock solid foundations and that is designed to work into their dream lifestyle. I love this because I am giving women back the power to be in control of their lives and not have to stress with not understanding what is happening in their business.

Love to stalk / connect with me @:
email me at: [email protected]
www.instagram.com/laurenjunenet (for puppy stalking)


Now for my social media tip of the week! And since Lauren mentioned Instagram, that will be the topic! {See the embedded video below.}

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