“Julie takes great care of her clients”

“It's been a pleasure to work with someone who's as on top of (ever-changing Facebook ad) things as Julie! She takes great care of her clients + students and is genuinely invested in helping folks get results.

I love knowing I can “hot potato” my ad creative her way and trust that it's in VERY capable Power Editor hands. I also love seeing all the new subscribers rolling in as a result of those ads. :)” – Nikki Elledge Brown



“You were so engaged and present in the group”

“I have loved this course. It gave me the push to create a new opt-in that is much more in line with my ideal client. You were so engaged and present in the group throughout the program, more so than any other program I've been part of. You answered all of our questions and then some. And, you introduced me to an amazing designer who did a fantastic job in creating my opt-in and I am so happy about that. I will definitely be using her again.

I had been nervous about doing FB ads again for some reason, and I just wanted to feel comfortable and confident in creating them. I plan on using them throughout 2016 as part of my marketing plan. So it was imperative that I know how to do them.

I am confident in what I have learned and can continue to create FB ads thanks to this course. I have so much information and can go back through the videos whenever I want. I have loved this course and am so grateful it came into my life when it did. Divine timing I tell you. Thank you Julie for being a fantastic coach and teacher. You seriously are amazing at what you do. Thank you.” – Brigid Ward, FB Ads Incubator Student


Tom Morkes

“2 to 4 times more followers + increased sales”

“Julie Lowe is the real deal. I had the opportunity to work with Julie to improve my social media skills…or lack thereof at the time. The truth is I didn't think I needed a social media presence for my business. I was dead wrong. Thanks to Julie, I doubled my Twitter followers and quadrupled my Facebook fans in a matter of months. The best part – it directly impacted sales of my books and guides and led to even more blog subscribers. I can't stress enough how impressive Julie is – she knows her stuff and she'll help take your business to where it needs to be in the social media world.” – Tom Morkes


Rene Leaver Realtor

“I have a much better handle on things now”

“What did I struggle with before the Social Media Strategy Workshop? Knowing where to start, keeping focused, wondering why am I doing this, just being completely overwhelmed by it all.

I feel much more confident about just talking real estate and not really having to worry about picking the perfect keywords, post, etc. I think before the class I felt almost paralyzed about posting the “wrong” thing.  Knowing that it’s a process over time removes a lot of pressure.  I feel the same way about blog posts. I became so paranoid about creating blog posts that drive traffic that it created writer’s block. Knowing that it isn’t one post that will make or break me is freeing.

Thanks so much for all your help! I feel like I have a MUCH better handle on things now. I just need to get down to brass tacks and get it done.

Would I recommend the class to others? Most Definitely!” – Rene Leaver, Realtor


Janet Kafadar

“I love the client-only Facebook group”

“I want to give a shout out to my friend Julie Lowe of Socially Aligned as she is the bees knees and here's why.

If you're struggling with your FB efforts and not sure where to turn to grow your subscribers using FB, then you've gotta check Julie out.

The stats below speak for themselves. (Stats from Facebook post: ‘The Facebook page that I started managing about 4.5 years ago – when it was just 500 fans – rolled over 72,100 fans this week. That's more than a 14,000% increase! It's an engaged audience that grows every day, and fans become customers and customers become brand advocates.')

I recently purchased Julie's Power Editor Masterclass and she walks you through everything you need to know about the highly confusing Power Editor. PLUS she has an awesome client only private FB group so you can ask all of your Q's in the group and she's right there to help you along the way. TRUST me I've had so many Q's! You rock Julie!” –Janet Kafadar, Signature Program Specialist 


Ashley Watkins testimonial

“Engagement is up 362%”

“So I used Julie's tips on posting Facebook ads when helping my hair stylist promote his page. In TWO DAYS, his engagement is up 362%!!! Girl, you're awesome!! Targeting makes a world of difference. I'm just waiting for some minor updates on my site and my photo editing and my business is up next!” -Ashley Watkins, Write Step Resumes




“The light bulb went off”

“Just a quick note to thank Julie Lowe at Socially Aligned. Julie has helped me so much in the last few weeks as I continue to immerse myself in all things social, especially Facebook marketing. Julie has a vast amount of social media knowledge that she is able to disseminate in a clear, concise and useable manner – the light bulb went off when Julie explained a Facebook marketing ad concept that had me stumped for months; you will harness your social media presence and increase your profitability with Julie and Socially Aligned. Thank you!” -Deanna Pitta Verbouwens
Vannessa Vinos

“Working with Julie was a god-send”

“Working with Julie from Socially Aligned was an absolute god-send for me even though I have been using social media platforms for a while. I didn't realize how scattered my efforts really were until I worked with Julie. I was actually struggling with my first Facebook advertising campaign and was ranting about in on a membership site, and she just kindly reached out and helped me. I then contracted Julie to do my Christmas campaign and thank God I did! She is SO knowledgeable about everything related to social media (both from a psychological perspective and from a  technical, roll-your-sleeves-up perspective) and yet she never claims to be an expert as so many do in her field. She kept me informed at every step and she responded to questions and queries immediately (and there is a time-zone difference between the two of us as I am in the UK and Julie is in the US). She was always mindful of my end goal, my budget, everything.

If you really want help with your social media strategy and feel you are just treading water (as I did), then just contact Julie. Apart from how knowledgeable she is in her field, she is also a sincerely lovely person to work with and never makes you feel like you are bothering her even if you asking the most basic questions – as I often did. There are a lot of self-acclaimed “experts” out there, but Julie is the real-deal. You won't be disappointed at all.” -Vannesa Vinos, Luxuria Jewellery


Laura Wallis

“I increased leads up to 60% and lowered my costs”

“Julie's expertise with the Power Editor has helped me increase truly measurable results in both my own business and my marketing coaching practice for clients. Facebook ads are an integral part of many of my social-to-sales strategies for my customers she has helped me increase leads up to 50-60% more with a much lower ad budget investment and a much, much greater return.” -Laura Wallis, Web Navigator Gal 

Chris Spaulding

“I feel empowered with my online presence now”

“Have you ever wondered, is it possible to teach an old dog new tricks? Well, when it comes to the “information age” you sure can! I am an example of this theory in motion! Not long ago, I was that old dog that didn't know how to create, manage, or even knew what an “online presence” was, or why it was important to my business! In a very short period of time Julie taught me all the basics that I needed to know to understand what was important, and how I can utilize a presence to promote my business. She is very patient, kind, and understanding with someone like me who had absolutely no experience with promoting and managing social media. After a few meetings, I feel that I have been empowered to take my online presence into the new era!

If you are looking for someone to teach you about social media, presence on the web, or digital marketing, or even if you would like some help taking your presence to a new level if you already have experience, I would highly recommend that you give her a chance to show you how she can help you in whatever your goals are online! Thanks for all of your help Julie…YOU ROCK!” -Chris Spaulding, Hung Sing Martial Arts


“Both expert and patient”

“Julie offers mentoring on Facebook ads and strategy that is both expert and patient.

She is highly skilled in teaching the ins and outs of the Facebook Power Editor system, and offers her clients both her solid experience with Facebook, marketing strategy, and social media, and empathy for the frustrations a new learner can experience.

I wholeheartedly recommend Julie as an excellent ally for anyone trying to learn how to handle Facebook ads, marketing, and social media more broadly.” -Chara Armon, Ph.D.


“The peace of mind you gave me was immeasurable”

“Absolutely I would recommend your services to others, and I will be contacting you again in the future.

The peace of mind you gave me was immeasurable!!! I struggled with almost everything social media related before our session! You were extremely thorough and I can’t think of anything that I wanted to ask that you didn’t cover.

The time we spent together has already immeasurably helped me in so many ways. My Facebook ads have never been better, and I feel so much more confident in the things I learned. I am excited to learn more!

Plus the best part was that you were so genuinely nice and I didn’t feel stupid for not knowing things. I never felt embarrassed to ask you anything and you were so thorough in explanations – and the screen sharing was fantastic.

When I worked at the insurance company before I used to have IT guys remote into my computer or walk me through things, they were NEVER as helpful or easy to understand as you were…it truly was a pleasure in so many ways to work with you! Can’t wait for more time to learn more from you!” – Lisa Ouellet, after her 1-Day VIP Training Session


“Julie is one of the rare gems”

“As a productivity coach for busy entrepreneurs, I tend to naturally monitor who is productive and meets my needs when I buy a service.

In today's overwhelm in social media, with a growing number of so-called experts and people wasting time on those precious Skype calls, Julie is one of the rare gems that makes each minute count and not only gives answers to the questions I had about FB campaigns, she also guided me within my frame of thinking.

Thank you Julie for teaching me the up-to-date, important things happening in social media, thanks for straight forward and honest answers to my sometimes doubtful questions. I will always get back to you when I need more!” – Duda Jadrijevic of Duda Does, after a set of 3 Facebook Ad Training Sessions


“Worth every penny – and then some!”

“I called Julie in desperation during a recent launch. My Facebook ads were only converting at a very low 4% which meant money was flying out the window. Julie spent an hour with me, where we went through everything and she showed me what the problems was. It turns out that it was a pretty easy fix and once I made the changes (which she walked me through step by step), I'm now happy to say that my conversion rate is at 27% which means that my advertising dollars are going a lot farther.

I'd recommend Julie to anyone who wants to maximize their Facebook advertising dollar and who wants to feel more confident with Facebook ads. It was worth every penny – and then some!” – Alysa Rushton, Magnetic Messengers Academy


“She exceeded my expectations”

“I contacted Julie when I needed some guidance navigating the Power Editor in Facebook. Her assistance was just what I needed and got me over a hurdle I found myself up against. She answered my questions and showed me exactly what I needed to know.

She instilled confidence and was extremely approachable and easy to work with. She exceeded my expectations and truly helped me get traction so I could continue on with my objectives. I highly recommend her services.” -Stephanie Finkelstein, Lead with Confidence


“I feel re-energized after our sessions”

“When I decided to take the leap and contact Julie I was kind of a zero as my social media skills are concerned. I knew that my company needed to grow in that area but had no idea how. In fact, all the things I thought were the way to go, revealed themselves to be exactly the opposite!

Since working with Julie not only have I learned a lot about what to do, and when and how to do it, but I discovered the enormous impact that simple things like posting and re-posting often can, in fact, bring you new customers, which is the ultimate goal.

I always feel re-energized after our sessions and with a desire to do more! More than the number of Likes (which has been significant), my biggest success is for sure the increase of interaction from our followers.

I can honestly say I would recommend Julie and I am so grateful for the milestones she is helping me achieve in my business.” -Patricia Villas-Boas, Scrapbooking with Tubo; Mentorship client 


“Don't miss out on the FB Ads Incubator!”

“I took Julie's FB Ads Incubator class – and I am so thankful that I did. I had previously been running ads – with a tiny budget and with mixed success and to be honest – not really being clear on what to tweak to make them better. Julie patiently showed me/us the better ways to target, which ads to run at what budget and sorted out new lead magnets.

Julie has also totally got me rethinking my product funnel and where people were falling through the cracks too. I cannot wait to put all that I learnt into practice as soon as my new website launches.

But in 14 days I have sold 56 small products, got 180 people opt-in to my list, got a 10 relevance score – all for paying just £6 per day. This course WILL give you confidence, show you the right way, teach you how to read the reports and tweak what could be done better. DO NOT MISS IT!” -Karen MacFadyen, owner, CakeCoachOnline, www.cakecoachonline.com


“Working with Julie has been one of the best business decisions I have made”

“Before I started working with Julie I was clueless on how to engage with my clients through social media. Her guidance with Facebook and Pinterest has turned out to be invaluable. It has been one of the best business decisions I have made. I have acquired thousands of new followers and subscribers in just a few months. I now have a clear understanding and plan of action on how to attract new clients while continuing to engage with the existing ones. I can truly say that Julie is a gem.” -Martha Alvarez, LMFT, marthaalvarez.com; Mentorship Program client


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