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Julie Lowe

Julie Lowe, Social Media Strategist and founder of Socially Aligned

At Socially Aligned, my mission is this: I create social media strategies for busy entrepreneurs who desire more leads, more sales, and a REAL PLAN to grow their business!

I’m not like the so-called “gurus” or “experts” that only have theoretical knowledge about what could or should work in social.

I have worked full-time in the world of advertising and marketing for nearly 15 years now. Through my full-time career and my consulting work, I’ve worked with countless small businesses and entrepreneurs – as a social media manager, art director, and digital marketing manager. I have a wealth of experience to bring to the table.

I’ve lived and breathed social media for years now, and have first-hand experience at managing large accounts and testing to see what works.

Everything I do is about results. Results for you and results for me. And boy do my clients love those results!

Check out this quick video where I talk about WHY I do what I do…

Bragging Rights

Before going full-time with Socially Aligned, I personally grew a company Facebook page over 15,500% in 4.5 years – going from 500 fans to over 78,400 fans! For this same account, Pinterest and Facebook were in the top 5 for referral traffic sources.

This means that social media traffic was second only to organic search traffic and direct traffic for this national e-commerce business when it came to bringing new visitors to the site. What did that mean to the bottom line?

Approximately $1 Million in revenue that can be contributed directly to social media sources each year! I handled every facet of this account, from social media management, to running contests, email marketing, sales strategy, landing page testing and design…you get the idea, basically anything and everything in the realm of digital marketing!


Julie and Devin & Melanie Duncan

Julie and Devin & Melanie Duncan

Other Places you Might See Me

I have been featured on The Secrets to Her Success podcast, The Better You Network online radio show, The Women’s Business Academy, and the Entrepreneur’s Best Kept Secret training summit and my articles can be found in The Huffington Post.

I have been the featured Facebook Ad trainer for Online Edge Academy with Devin and Melanie Duncan, Kimra Luna’s Be True, Brand You program, and inside of the Members’ Club for the Female Entrepreneur Association – some of the top training programs for entrepreneurs around the world!


Julie and Amy Porterfield

Julie and Amy Porterfield

I haven’t always found it easy

I understand how busy you are and how overwhelming it can be to try to take on social media while running a company at the same time, because I have experienced it myself! While growing my business, helping my clients, and working full time the first 1.5 years of Socially Aligned, I struggled to keep up as well.

My personal and professional experience makes it easy for me to relate to your troubles as well as find the perfect solution for you and your situation.

I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs use social media to grow their businesses and better serve their customers. Let me help you develop a customized plan for your specific business needs. Nothing makes me happier than getting results for my clients, and I am thrilled with the new service packages now available to my clients. I hope you’ll check them out while you’re here!

So now you know about me, what I do, and why I do it.

What about you? What will your story be? From here, you’ve got four simple choices:

1. Look and find out what other people are saying about me.
2. Take a look at exactly how I can help you grow your business beyond your wildest dreams.
3. Dive right in and book a FREE 15-minute consultation with me so we can get started right away on finding those answers you’ve been searching for.
4. Do nothing and keep struggling.

Which option will you choose?

To your success!
Julie Hagan Lowe

Where to connect with me:


Julie with Mari Smith

Julie with Mari Smith

Webinar with Carrie Green, Nikki Elledge Brown, Anne Samoilov + more

Webinar with Carrie Green, Nikki Elledge Brown, Anne Samoilov + more