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4 Great Screen Recording Apps For Entrepreneurs


I love the fact that I get to work from home! In fact, if I wanted to, I could work from anywhere. The online world we live in affords many people that opportunity, and there’s LOTS to love about it.

One thing that can be a challenge of working this way though, is not working in the same physical space with other people and really needing to show someone exactly what you’re doing on your screen. Just like they were over your shoulder looking at your monitor with you. Maybe that’s to teach a skill (like running Facebook ads), or maybe it’s to show your web designer/developer an issue you’re encountering so they can troubleshoot it.

This week I’m introducing you to a few tools that can help you do this.

Here’s the rundown on 4 great options:

Jing – Free
Platform: Windows / Mac

When you download and install Jing, you’ll get a small semi-transparent circle in the upper right corner of your screen. When you hover over that, you just click on the plus sign and select the portion of your screen you want to record. Once recording is complete, it’s easy to upload and share the link to your video. The video format will not be compatible with YouTube. It also won’t be viewable on iPhones / iPads.

Screencast-o-matic – $15/yr
Platform: Windows / Mac

Screencast-o-matic is $15 per year and is the system I’ve been using the past 2 years. This tool allows you to record your screen, edit your recordings, as well as draw and zoom while you’re recording. It’s a great step up from the free and very basic Jing, and gives you some powerful tools and options. There’s also a web-based version that is free to use for videos up to 15 minutes in length. Options include upload instantly to YouTube, Dropbox, and Google Drive when you’re done.

Screenmailer – Free up to one hour, plans start at $8/month after that
Platform: Windows / Mac

After a quick download, Screenmailer allows you to click an icon in your system tray and configure your recording settings. Like Jing, Screenmailer automatically uploads to the web and easily provides you a link for sharing your recording with others.

Screenflow – $99
Platform: Mac

Screenflow is a great option for users who record a lot, or who need editing options. With Screenflow, you can remove sound, add text, and highlight your cursor, just to name a few. This app is local on your computer, and requires an export and upload to the video hosting of your choice. As an added bonus, if you are looking for a tool to record Skype calls (or any other call you route through your computer) you can do that with Screenflow as well.

And what better way to demonstrate screensharing than with a screenshare? This video will give you a brief rundown of the tools described above, showing you how they start and stop and what the link looks like when you paste it from your clipboard (just watch the contact box on my website in the video). This was made in Screenflow, so you’ll only see how to STOP the recording in Screenflow.

Have you recorded many screenshare videos? What tips and tricks would you like to share in the comments?

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